Signs of the End

A Discovery of Biblical Timelines

Signs of the End

A Discovery of Biblical Timelines

“But you, brethren, are not in darkness, that this day should overtake you like a thief.”       1 Thessalonians 5:4 









Tu B’Shevat, Valentine’s Day, Chile 8.8, & Nisan 10 with Venus and the Pleiades


Signs of the End - Orders
Signs of the End - Orders
February 8 at 7:46 AM ·

When finding that 888 days count from the Revelation 12 Sign will end at February 27, 2020, it was remembered that on February 27, 2010 there was the 8.8 earthquake at Concepcíon, Chile. A pi of these ten years lands at the day UN Resolution 2334 passed with the help of the Obama Administration. The USA did not veto the resolution and simple abstained. It was the last parting shot of Obama at Israel.

Here is also the previous 2010 diagram.

The 2010 Chile earthquake is the 11th strongest earthquake recorded. The 6th strongest since the return of Israel.

February 8 at 9:38 AM ·

An examination of the 888 days finds one fish and phi ratio.

February 8 at 2:21 PM ·

This Monday marks 71 completed Hebrew years of Israeli government. The last two Tu B’Shevats had Blood Moons 5 & 7. However, the Knesset has largely been dysfunctional this past year as now the 3rd election approaches.

February 8 at 2:24 PM ·

Here is another item today that seems to highlight Day 888 from the Revelation 12 Sign. The day of the Great American Solar Eclipse was also tried, but with no results.

February 9 at 9:54 AM ·

In previous diagrams, March 3, 2020 arises and it was first noted that it coincided with Adar 7—the traditional birth and death day of Moses. The third round of Israel elections occur on March 2nd, but the results will be on Adar 7 after sundown. March 2nd is Day 40 from the 44 nations’ leaders gathered in Jerusalem. What wasn’t realized is that March 3 is also Super Tuesday in the USA Primary Elections coming right at Phi between the Two American Solar Eclipses.

February 10 at 1:59 PM ·

These diagrams have been updated with the significant happenings/details on Feb 6th and 10th.
Feb 6th also saw the Israel attack on the outskirts of Damascus. Next day up to consider is Valentines Day as in 1949 it was Tu B’Shevat 71 solar years ago that the Israeli Government formed. Last year it was also a significant date. The WAQF for the first time put Palestinians in its board, the Ezekiel Axis gathered in Sochi and the Western Allies gathered in Warsaw for peace and security.

Yesterday at 12:02 PM ·

Here is an update with two new diagrams. All of these highlight the upcoming date of Nisan 10–April 3rd/4th. The best time to view Venus in the Pleiades (and only time) is after sundown beginning Nisan 10 on April 3rd. Previous diagrams to Nisan 10 were drawn from the Revelation 12 Sign.

Venus makes its closest approach to the Pleiades on April 3/4 every 8 years and it has been getting closer. This is the only time it lands on Nisan 10. A search was conducted back into the 19th Century with no match—and then Venus is far away to boot.

February 11 at 2:27 PM ·

With the Pope to push a one world religion on May 14, 2020, it was time to consider that day and see what might unfold. Indeed it does. Here we have the first fish diagram that can be inserted into the bigger fish—diagram 2. 30 days have transpired since the Mount Taal eruption... so much is going on in the world.

February 12 at 12:00  PM ·

Valentine’s Day marks the 71st solar anniversary of Israel’s Government forming in 1949. That day comes up here by analysis of the days from this anniversary to Ark Day 2020. Those 257 days are the fish ratio of the 445 previously diagrammed in Diagrams 2 and 3. Even better was to see that the phi components landed squarely on the Peace Plan reveal days of January 27-28, 2020. January 27 was also Holocaust Remembrance Day, which was observed at Auschwitz that day marking 75 years.

Tu B’Shevat, Valentine’s Day, Chile 8.8, & Nisan 10 with Venus and the Pleiades

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