Signs of the End

A Discovery of Biblical Timelines

Signs of the End

A Discovery of Biblical Timelines

“But you, brethren, are not in darkness, that this day should overtake you like a thief.”       1 Thessalonians 5:4 











Minutes of a Circle Series

There was another aspect to Yom Kippur 2008 that proved interesting. November 13, 2008 was the day of the discovery of 666. As was seen, Comet Holmes occurred 36 days before Annapolis in a pi relationship and Annapolis was the midpoint of both periods of 318 days. November 13, 2008 was also 36 days from the end of the 318 days that ended on Yom Kippur. But 666 days from November 13th is also Trumpets 2010. Being curious then, what happens when 666 is multiplied by pi? 666 days times pi will equal 2,092 days. This is the same number of days from this day (November 13) until the 9th of Av 2014. This has been shown to be the likely day that initiates the 2,300 evenings and mornings of Daniel 8 in the 2010 to 2017 scenario for the Tribulation. Again, none of this is possible, if left to coincidence.


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666 & 666 Times Pi

So it was 666 days to Trumpets 2010 from November 13, 2008, which was 36 days after Yom Kippur 2008. As we have seen, in these periods of 318 days there was also the period of 36 days from Comet Holmes to Annapolis. With the pattern of pairs it is not surprising to see a pair of 36 days hinging off the pair of 318 days. But there is another pair not seen until now. Following the model of two sets of 318 days with 36 days left of center, another parallel can be found. Thirty-six days comes before the discovered 666 days so it would seem another period of 666 days might proceed these 666 days as well forming another pair. Not surprising at this point, 666 days does stretch from January 17, 2007 until November 13, 2008.

Comet McNaught made its last appearance to the Northern Hemisphere on January 17, 2007. Its head had crossed the earth’s orbital plane on January 14, 2007. This occurred 120 lunar months after Hale-Bopp did the same on May 6, 1997.  January 14, 2007 marked 120 periods of 29.5 days, whereas January 17, 2007 marked off the accurate lunar month of 29.5306 days times 120. Therefore, Comet McNaught marks off a pair of 666-day periods until the Feast of Trumpets 2010 and Comet McNaught was carefully timed after Comet Hale-Bopp. Also interesting is for the fact that from January 14, 2007 it would mark off 1335 days until Trumpets 2010. The fact that the analysis and discovery of 666 and the Times of Gentile Rule occurred on November 13, 2008 at this point of time is truly amazing.

It is also important to point out what has already been mentioned. From January 17, 2007 it was 40 weeks (280 days) until the Comet Holmes explosion on October 23, 2007. All dates tied into these proportions. What is also interesting about 666 is that when divided by pi it equals 212. These two numbers when added equal 878—the number already seen that went from the 9th of Av 2006 until December 27, 2008 and the Gaza War. But as we have also seen, 878 divide pi equals 279.5 or 280 rounded. In here may lie a key to more discoveries down the line.

When one considers the other links previously found to the 9th of Av 2014, it is truly amazing. The only explanation is careful planning beyond the scope of the human mind. In fact it seems likely to be placed there so that those who are watching carefully could find the pattern. Both pi and phi have now been found in the patterns with the aspect of phi found a few years ago. But even just simple day counts reveal that the days are indeed numbered. Our days are also numbered. With the few that remain, what is our plan to redeem them?

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