Signs of the End

A Discovery of Biblical Timelines

Signs of the End

A Discovery of Biblical Timelines

“But you, brethren, are not in darkness, that this day should overtake you like a thief.”       1 Thessalonians 5:4 









Updates for weeks 5-6 of 7


Signs of the End - Orders
Signs of the End - Orders
May 20 at 7:49 AM ·

Diagram one is updated to include all of the phi ratios based solely on large earthquakes of 7 or greater on the Richter scale. So far two dates were successful in identifying Ramadan and May 14 with associated 7+ scale earthquakes. The next on the list is Lag B’Omer (LBO on diagram) this Thursday followed by Ascension Day the Thursday after ultimately coming to the Day of Pentecost. Many of us believe the day of the Rapture will include a great earthquake. (See further below)

May 20 at 12:25 PM ·

Back in 2010 and 2011 these events were noted. Here are now the week totals with some surprising numbers.

The 9.2 earthquake in Japan on 3/11/11 was 14,400 + 1,440 + 144 days from June 7, 1967 when Israel won Jerusalem and the Temple Mount. The 14,400 days led to Heshvan 17, 2006–the anniversary day of the Flood (the 2006 Hezbollah War started 120 days before). The 1,440 days led to Heshvan 10, 2010—the anniversary day of getting in the Ark. (It was also 1,500 days the the start of the Arab Spring.)

May 21 at 7:22 AM ·

If Pentecost is now the start point, it caused a re-evaluation of this familiar diagram from before. The change up is moving the time of the two witnesses back to the second half. Putting them in the first half seems logical, but their 1260 days runs parallel to the 42 months for the Beast, which is clearly the latter part of the Tribulation. Their death coincides with the second woe that is quickly followed by the third and final woe.

This does not cover the traditional 2520 days of 1260+1260, but covers a cut short period that covers 7 years.

May 22 at 8:48 AM ·

Lag B’Omer is 1000 days from the closest conjunction of Jupiter-Venus on August 27, 2016. ( Post-dated note: There were 1000 fires on Lag B’Omer)

May 22 at 4:14 PM ·

Noticed these counts also for Lag B’Omer.

153 days back to Son of Krakatoa Tsunami 12/22/18.
153 days back again to 7/22/18—10 Av and the 1440 who ascended.

306/pi is 97. 97 days from 7/22/18 is 10/26/18–Heshvan 17 Anniversary of the Flood day.

Also besides the 1000 days from Jupiter-Venus on 8/27/16 it is also:

600 days from Atonement 2017.
400 days from Israel celebrating 70 on 4/18/18.
300 days from Blood Moon 6.

May 25 at 10:59 AM ·

After looking at the Blood Moon No.7 diagram, it was expanded into a super pi diagram represented in diagrams 1 and 2. The expansion includes Blood Moon No. 5 and also captures the monumental Revelation 12 Sign. The enhanced super pi lands on many other significant elements, one of which is the the collapse of the 144 year old fig tree in the City of Angels. This fits the theme of the two blood moons on Tu B’Shevat as that day is the New Year for Trees with the implied meaning of “to watch”. Ascension Day is the next watch day as it was also the last day our Lord was on Earth that began the count of ten days to the beginning of the Church.

Now it could be the count of ten to its end.

As the Revelation 12 Sign points to the birth and harpazo of the Church, it is also quite fitting that the base number here is 40 weeks (280 days) and the period of human gestation.

May 25 at 2:50 PM ·

Diagram 1 is old and new. After looking at the last two diagrams from a year ago, it was seen if the 89 days from 12/21/17 to the Laodicean Sunset Equinox on 3/20/18 would fit into the Super Pi and yield other results. The limitations of scale required another diagram, but it can be easily seen how the old diagrams were on track as well. (Old diagrams not included here)

May 25 at 5:19 PM ·

Diagram 1 is new. When the fish ratio of 153/265 is applied to 623, the result is 360. It seems significant that the Day of Atonement 2018 came at the end of 360 days from the Revelation 12 Sign—not to mention it is the length of a biblical year.

Diagram 2 was shared about a month ago where the fish ratio produced 400 and matched the 400 day layout of earthquakes.

May 26 at 6:31 AM ·

Preliminary result....
Now with a double double.
Today’s earthquake is the largest since August 19, 2018...40 weeks ago. That means Pentecost is at 42 weeks...

May 26 at 10:15 PM ·

The earthquake on Sunday 5/26/19 has been added to this crowded diagram. It’s phi lines are in green. The second diagram was shared earlier. On diagram 1, there is no phi projection from 8/21/18 (7.3 Venezuela) through 12/5/18 (7.5 New Caledonia). A phi calculation would come to 5/27-28/19. 5/28 would also be 40 weeks from the Venezuelan earthquake in the same manner as 5/26/19 (8.0 PNG) was 40 weeks from the last registered 8 scale earthquake on 8/19/18 (8.2 Fiji).
Image may contain: text

May 27 at 10:20 AM ·

The 40 weeks between the only earthquake of 8 or greater in 2018 to the first in 2019 was amazing, but there was no phi breakdown. However, on the day before, the super pi of 40 weeks was found stretching from the Revelation 12 Sign to Ascension Day 2019—now in 3 days. The 40 weeks between these earthquakes likewise does do a pi breakdown in nearly the same manner as diagram 2 that was constructed on Saturday. That Notre Dame comes into play is amazing among the other important days seen along the way.

May 27 at 3:52 PM ·

After the work with the 40 weeks pi and the earthquake yesterday matching 40 weeks since the last 8+ earthquake, it seemed obvious to check the next earthquake that came two days later in Venezuela on 8/21/18—one year from the Great American Solar Eclipse. Last night it was found that at 40 weeks it did phi at 12/5/18 with the 7.5 earthquake in New Caledonia. Now it also comes in at pi of 40 weeks hitting two other earthquakes. This probability raises the ante and suspicion that another significant earthquake (or something else perhaps) will occur on May 28, 2019.

May 28 at 11:09 AM ·

“...and the end thereof shall be with a flood”

Daniel 9:26

Most have taken this as figurative and not a literal flooding. It seems like the world has had much flooding this past year—especially now. The US is having its wettest year ever.

May 29 at 5:03 AM ·

It hit me this morning after waiting to see if an earthquake might hit yesterday. Headlines shared yesterday.

5,000,000 without power
50 tornados in 8 states
500 tornados in 30 days
50C temps in India and Pakistan
Mississippi River breaks record of Great Flood of 1927.

Pentecost is 50.

May 29 at 7:18 AM ·

“On Monday, the U.S. tied its current record of 11 consecutive days with at least eight tornadoes confirmed on each of those days, said Patrick Marsh, warning coordination meteorologist for the federal Storm Prediction Center. The previous 11-day stretch of at least eight tornadoes per day ended on June 7, 1980.”

It was 39 years ago, which was 13 years from Israel winning Jerusalem. Today is day 13.

May 29 at 11:31 AM ·

“And the end thereof shall be with a flood.”

Daniel 9:26

The Flood began with day 1 on the 17th day of the
second month and the rains lasted 40 days. When Noah departed the Ark it was the 27th day of the second month the next year (rainbow day), but it was also day 11 out of the 40. The 11/40 makes the phi spiral ratio to the Flood with 6022 years from Creation to 2019.

May 29 at 5:46 PM ·

I have seen some think the Rapture will now be delayed because of the delayed peace plan due to the breakdown in the Israeli Government today requiring new elections. The Rapture will not bring peace, but destruction. We just need cries for peace before the Rapture. Those have been happening.

May 30 at 3:59 PM ·

One thing interesting about Ascension Day was the dissolving of the Israeli Knesset (Assembly) at evening. Diagram one has been found to be useful in that the period of 160 days divided by pi yields 51 days and the period from the election of the 21st Knesset to its end. Only the 160 days was shown previously without the further breakdown. Israel is in unchartered territory at a most precarious time.

The rest of the Israeli election diagrams that were made about two months ago are also included to refresh and show that something is important about this election cycle.

20 hrs ·

The Great Pyramid alignment of 9/20/2017 comes 628 days to Pentecost. The radius of a circle with the circumference of 628 is 100. This period of 100 also contains the 50 days to Pentecost. One could then also say that 628/4pi is 50. The key element here is Venus, as it is precisely placed at the beginning in conjunction with Regulus. At Pentecost it is in conjunction with the Pleiades that is essentially the same as the physical layout of the Seven Churches near the Taurus Mountains of Asia Minor (Turkey).

100 days before Pentecost divides at March 1 and March 2, 2019. On March 1 was the 7.0 earthquake in Peru followed by the collapse of a 144 year old Morton Bay Fig tree in the City of Angels (Los Angeles) on March 2nd that was planted by a man named Elijah.

The last Great Pyramid diagram shared highlighted the day before March 1st, which was February 28th and the flood that hit Israel—1656 days after the first Jupiter-Venus Conjunction. It was 1656 years from Creation to the Flood.


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