Signs of the End

A Discovery of Biblical Timelines

Signs of the End

A Discovery of Biblical Timelines

“But you, brethren, are not in darkness, that this day should overtake you like a thief.”       1 Thessalonians 5:4 









Towards Flood Day — November 4, 2020

Heshvan 17


Signs of the End - Orders
Signs of the End - Orders
Towards Flood Day — November 4, 2020
Heshvan 17

Trump, Draconids, & Blood Moon 5

Tabernacles and Venus-Regulus
and the Draconids

The Return
Jonathan Cahn & Franklin Graham

Updates from Trumpets Week

Abraham Accord 2 and the rest to September 15, 2020

Shimon Peres, Ark Day, & Abraham Accord 1

Fukushima, Hyakutake, Zionism, Jupiter-Mars, Blood Moon 5

Abraham Accord and 123 years of Zionism...

Jupiter-Venus 5, Trump, Elul 1, Peace, Zionism,  Revelation 12 Sign

Kaduri, Sharon, Rabin, Peres, and Israeli campaigns and wars. Great Pyramid

Earthquakes, Revelation 12 Sign, Egyptian Eclipse, and Comet Neowise

Kislev 24 and Tevet 1
Comet Neowise

The Solar Eclipse and Earthquake Countdown with Tammuz 9 and following

Temple Mount Pentecost, Dividing Israel, Ariel Sharon, & Rabbi Kaduri...more...

Comet Atlas and the Pleiades
490 and the Fish

80 360-Day Years and Ravi Zacharias
American Eclipse and Kaduri 8000

Swearing in the Israeli Government
May 14 to May 17

Swearing in the Israeli Government
May 14 to May 17

Billy Graham, Comet Swan, Grand Spirals, 666, and June 1

Working towards 2027 Part 3

Working towards 2027 Part 2

Working towards 2027 Part 1

Updates from the 2020 Passover Season

Shoemaker-Levy 9, Passover, Hyakutake, The Pleiades, Supermoon 2016, Jupiter-Venus 2016

Earthquakes, Comets, Tsunamis, the Giza Complex, and the Pandemic

Kaduri, Solar Flare, Graham, Passover, the Seventh Church and the Equinox

Rabbi Kaduri
Coronavirus-Market Drops

Israel Elections, Market Drops, Morning Star and 1440 days

The Rocket Attacks, Coronavirus, 130 Years and Market Drops

999 Days and the Counts of 111 Day Increments and 1111 Days

The Flood Spirals, Purim, May 14-15, the Russian Earthquake, and Mark Twain

Tu B’Shevat, Valentine’s Day, Chile 8.8, & Nisan 10 with Venus and the Pleiades

Jewish Nation-State Law, Firstfruits, Av 10, the Trump Declaration, 969, & Daniel 9:27 LXX

Holocaust Remembrance Day, the Peace Plan, the 7.7 Earthquake, Zionism, & a Generation

The Tetrad, The Holocaust Forum, Shoemaker-Levy 9, Hale-Bopp, The Good Friday Earthquake...

The Morning Star, Signs in the Sun, Volcanoes, 2520, 40 weeks, Ink Flag & the Dragon

Ark Day 2020
The “Auxillary Conjunctions” of 2017 to 2020

Ark Day 2020
The Seven Jupiter-Venus Conjunctions of 2014 to 2019

Ark Day 2020
The Solar Eclipses from 2015 to 2020

Ark Day 2020
The Ark, The Temple Mount, and Blood Moons

2019 in review & Ark Day 2020–Revelation 12 & 2010-2011 Earthquakes

Winding up 2019...looking to 2020
January 11, Shevat 1, & Venus Travel Points

Towards Hanukkah Part 2 - Conjunctons and Eclpse
Towards Hanukkah Part 1 - Blood Moons
Solar Eclipse December 26, Kislev 17 and 24 - long range discoveries
Kislev 17 & 24 Part 1
Kislev 17 & 24 Part 2
Heshvan 27 Week part 1
Heshvan 27 Week part 2
Jupiter-Venus Conjunctions to the Seventh
Transit of Mercury, Heshvan 17 and 27
Elijah Coming and
the Pleiades at 77
Daniel’s 70 Weeks and the Gap
The Phi Spiral to Day 1290
The Nisan 10, 2020 – Venus & Pleiades Alignment  
The Phi Spiral continued...
J-V Conjunctions, Blood Moons, Solar Eclipses, & Hezekiah and Rachel
The Phi Spiral expanded
Great Pyramid, Tabernacles, Earthquakes, Hurricanes 777, & Solar Flares
Atonement, Tabernacles, & 2520
GASE 777, 153, & 120
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Summer 2019 - 9th of Av Week
More Fish, 666, and the Great Pyramid
Summer 2019 Solar Flare
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March Update - Ecuador and Peru Earthquakes
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Towards 70 years of Independence
Revelation 12 Sign - 490, 7 x 70
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October 10  ·


This morning I was sitting down to look again at Blood Moon 1 because today is Tabernacles 7 and the pi Diagram from Blood Moon 1 to “Get in the Ark Day” went through that day of Tabernacles 7 in 2018 when a strange mist was seen on the Temple Mount.


Looking forward then to the Anniversary of the Flood on Heshvan 17, which is November 4th, it was seen where Blood Moon 1 might lead. What was found was ominous as it works accurately to November 3rd, which is Election Day in the USA. It is on the eve of Flood Day and the Election results coming in at night are on Heshvan 17.

Many have wondered about President Trump and the Last Trump. Truly the Last Trump is a Trumpet of God, but the timing and similarity is amazing—Trump-Pence.


If it weren’t also for the fact that President Donald Trump was born on a Blood Moon in 1946 40 weeks after the Feast of Trumpets following World War 2, it might be easier to dismiss. The number of 7’s in his first day in office is a whole other matter in much the same way as Judge Amy Barrett.




After looking at Blood Moon 1 a search was conducted for Blood Moon 2 and it’s count to November 4, 2020 (Heshvan 17) was 2,220 days, but no ratios have yet to be found with that period. A search was conducted with Blood Moon 3 and indeed something else was found and shared in Diagram 1.


Diagram 2 was found a few months ago and ties into the first. May 22, 2017 is 1,262 days inclusive to November 4th.





Blood Moon 4 and the last of the Lunar Tetrad makes pi to Purim and the visit of US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo to Jerusalem with Prime Minister Netanyahu who inserted his prayer of peace and security into the Wailing Wall. Later President Trump declared the Golan Heights as Israel’s and became known as the Golan Miracle.



Lyon Gardiner Tyler, Jr died at 95 years of age. He was the grandson of John Tyler, the 10th US President. Lyon died on September 26, 2020, which was the day of the Return by Jonathan Cahn, Franklin Graham, and the Judge Amy Barrett announcement by President Trump. This day was 40 days to Heshvan 17th or November 4, 2020....


Blood Moons 1, 3, 4, and now 6.

Blood Moon 6 lands at the fish ratio between 4 360-day years that span the 70th to 74th anniversaries of 1947’s UN Partition Plan. Heshvan 17 marks 74 360-day years from the original boundaries set by the Gentiles for Israel in that plan.



Blood Moons 1, 3, 4, 6, and......7.

Here is the ratio from Blood Moon 7 that involved the site of the 7th Church and makes pi through Pentecost 2020. On that day the Temple Mount opened 70 days after being closed due to the pandemic. Pentecost came after the churches in America were declared essential by President Trump, but they largely remained closed and fires were instead in the streets of America.

Pentecost 2020 marked 1988 years since the birth of the Church and now we are in its 1989th year.

Jesus and the Twelve made 13 fishers of men.  13 x 153 is 1989.



October 11


The Blood Moons were searched yesterday and Blood Moons 1, 3, 4, 6, and 7 produced one result each to November 3/4 (Heshvan 17) and the day Noah was sealed into the Ark before the Flood began.


Today the search begins with Jupiter-Venus Conjunction 1 on August 18, 2014. It produced three results. The themes in the last two connections are stunning with regards the Churches of Revelation.


The original post had a pi to the 5th Jupiter-Venus conjunction, but I should have realized the math was off by a year.




Jupiter-Venus 1 and now the 2nd. The second gained the most notoriety as the “Bethlehem Star” as it was easily seen in the evening when most people are awake. The 1st was in the morning in the summer, so a person needed to have an early start for work to likely see that one, which was true for myself.

JV2 produces one result and by phi lands in the middle of the Temple Mount events of 2017. Those events have been focused on profusely here and much has been counted from July 17, 2017. July 17 had the moment of freedom for the Jews to worship on the Temple Mount as the WAQF left in protest. It was the first time in over 50 years. That day was also exactly 49 x 360 days from when the Knesset decreed to rebuild Jerusalem in 1969.


Jupiter-Venus Conjunctions 1 and 2 produced results on the way to the anniversary day of the Flood. The original post with Jupiter-Venus 1 has been corrected.  


Jupiter-Venus Conjunctions 3 and 4 produced no results with Heshvan 17, but did so with Heshvan 10 shown many months ago.

Here we see Jupiter-Venus Conjunction 5 and that it connects by pi to the 7th Conjunction.
































Jupiter-Venus 1, 2, 5, and 7 have significant ratios with the day Noah was sealed into the Ark after he entered it. The 6th does work mathematically, but since it was only a day after Blood Moon 7, it works in similar fashion there.































































A diagram shared before but with the ratio of pi from Heshvan 10, 2019 that was 777 days from the Revelation 12 Sign to Heshvan 17, 2020 has been added. 1139 days from the sign divided by pi is 362.55.
































Others, who know who they are noted that Venus became the Morning Star on June 4, 2020 after conjunction with the sun on June 3rd. The US Election comes at 153 days of the Morning Star and Flood Day counts as day 154. Jesus’ last miracle was the 153 fish in the net, but as the disciples hauled them in, Jesus already had one on the grill.


“And he who overcomes, and keeps My works until the end, to him I will give power over the nations—

‘He shall rule them with a rod of iron;

They shall be dashed to pieces like the potter’s vessels’ — as I also have received from My Father;

and I will give him the morning star.

“He who has an ear,

let him hear what the Spirit says to the churches.” ’”


Revelation‬ ‭2:26-29‬ ‭‬‬
































October 12  ·


Here is a look at the winter annular solar eclipse of 2019 that began with partiality on the coast of Israel traveling across the Middle East and Asia. This is a pi breakdown to the Flood Day. This eclipse also worked in remarkable fashion to the day 7 days earlier that Noah was told to get on the Ark. These diagrams are new this morning.































































The Revelation 12 Fish Phi Pi diagram above started off as a conglomerate focusing on the ratios between the blood moons and the Revelation 12 Sign. It may look like a mess, but here is an attempt to break down the logic behind the diagram.


When the Revelation 12 Sign was being discussed in the early stages, it had been noted that it came close to 1260 days from the first eclipse of the Lunar Tetrad. Some even said 1260, but that was incorrect. The real number is 1257 days and that was the truth and for good reason.


The other number of prominence in those days was 726, as it was 726 days from the end of the Lunar Tetrad to the Revelation 12 Sign. It wasn’t until 2019 that those pieces came together. Enter the fish ratio.


The fish ratio is a ratio found by the Greeks before the time of Jesus and that ratio is 265 to 153. The legend of that geometric ratio is in all the fish diagrams showing two overlapping circles at their center points with the measures of 153 and 265 noted. That ratio is equal to the square root of 3. The point is that 1257 compared to 726 is equal to that ratio. You will see that there are parts of the fish on each of those numbers ending at the date of the Revelation 12 Sign. The important conclusion is that the period of the Lunar Tetrad works hand in hand with the timing of the Revelation 12 Sign. They work together. They were planned and not by any of us.


The next step in the diagram is the number 777. It was noted years ago that Mercury, Jupiter, and Regulus formed an equilateral triangle on August 7, 2015. That occurred 777 days before the Revelation 12 Sign. Well 777 days compared to 1257 days is at the phi ratio. Phi is the golden ratio of 1.618. The equilateral triangle fell precisely at phi between Blood Moon 1 and the Revelation 12 Sign with the numbers 480 and 777 equaling 1257.


The next logical step was to move 777 days to the right side of the Revelation 12 Sign that landed on Heshvan 10, 2019. The phi breakdown of this is 1257 and 777. Heshvan 10 was the day God called Noah to get in the Ark and a model of those spared from the coming judgment.


This comes then to another number prominent on the diagram and that is 2034. It is 2034 days from Blood Moon 1 to Heshvan 10, 2019 and also 2034 days from Blood Moon 3 to Heshvan 10, 2020. 2034 divided by pi yields 647 and those are the days from Blood Moons 5 and 7 to Heshvan 10, 2019 and 2020 respectively.


The next numbers are 1132 and these are drawn in as the Revelation 12 Sign is centered between the first Jupiter-Venus Conjunction since the Lunar Tetrad began and Heshvan 10, 2020. This number of 1132 has found its way into other diagrams using both segments used here. Perhaps a Jupiter-Venus conglomerate is needed as well...


There then remains two numbers that were the recent additions. After being put on 7 days notice from “Get in the Ark Day” when the Ark door was shut on Heshvan 17, it comes at 1139 days from the Revelation 12 Sign. Those days divided by pi equal 362.5 and is the span from Heshvan 10, 2019 to Heshvan 17, 2020. In a sense then we had a 777 day warning with Revelation 12 to a sequence of the Days of Noah.


The conglomerate diagram has reached its limits and indeed, we are at the threshold limit of 80 years of a fig tree generation minus seven years. The last fall feasts before Israel completes 80 years are in 2027. 2027-7=2020. The Day of Atonement 2027 minus 2520 days is in mid-November. The biblically significant days that remain between now and then were mentioned by Jesus in Matthew 24.