Signs of the End

A Discovery of Biblical Timelines

Signs of the End

A Discovery of Biblical Timelines

“But you, brethren, are not in darkness, that this day should overtake you like a thief.”       1 Thessalonians 5:4 









Atonement, Tabernacles, & 2520


Signs of the End - Orders
Signs of the End - Orders
October 5 at 10:05 AM ·

Here are the ways in which Blood Moon 1 forms a pi ratio to significant days of 2018 to the upcoming days of October/November 2019....

October 6 at 11:07 AM ·

776 x 24 hours ago the Great American Solar Eclipse of 2017 was working its way across 7 Salems in its path of totality. When the eclipse began the sun had just set in Israel. We now wait to see what Day 777 might bring.  (Later on October 6th, President Trump announces that he is pulling troops out of Syria).

October 6 at 3:51 PM ·

Shared yesterday without the insert of the “Tetrad of Earthquakes”. In that diagram there are two days counted twice as each portion of 531, (153+153), and 531 counts the start and end days. It was also 306 (153+153) days in similar fashion from the end of the Earthquake Tetrad to November 11, 2018 marking 120 years since the end of WW1. The Day of Atonement or October 9, 2019 also comes 333 days inclusive from that WW1 anniversary.

But that the time of the Tetrads can connect by pi to this coming Day of Atonement is most remarkable.

October 7 at 11:56 AM ·

So all of the diagrams ending with 10/6/2019 came with President Trump’s announcement to pull the troops out of Syria. With no responses to Iran, but economic, and this announcement, it would seem the red carpet is being rolled out for Turkey and Iran. The next critical step is to see what the Day of Atonement brings in setting the stage...

October 8 at 12:00 PM ·

After finding a Blood Moon Pi from Blood Moon 1 to Atonement, Blood Moon 3 produces these first two diagrams that are new. No further exploration with phi has been done... yet. Blood Moon 4 and Atonement 2019 was found to phi with Nisan 10, 2018 and the sacrifice at the foot of the Temple Mount, but it is not drawn yet...

October 8 at 3:35 PM ·

Written February 4, 2016
Updated October 8, 2019

“Then another sign appeared in heaven: and behold, a great red dragon having seven heads and ten horns, and on his heads were seven diadems. And his tail swept away a third of the stars of heaven and threw them to the earth. And the dragon stood before the woman who was about to give birth, so that when she gave birth he might devour her child.” —Revelation 12:3-4‬

The first sign was covered in the book, Israel: The Handwriting in the Heavens, and also in previous articles here. The second sign has not been covered (prior to 2016) since it could not be determined how to explain this sign. By arguing that the first sign is clearly one shown in the heavens, that would mean this sign is also one for the heavens and not relegated only to some figurative language. The problem is that with this sign there are fewer timing clues as compared to the first sign. But be that as it may, both signs had seemed like they should occur at about the same time since they are paired. However, we are now two years from the Revelation 12:1-2 Sign.

The first item is that this sign is a great red dragon with seven heads. The constellation of Draco seems to be that sign. In Draco’s head four stars are visible, but three of those stars are binary, which results in seven stars. The brightest star in the constellation is Ethanin, which in the Hebrew means “the long serpent or dragon”. It is located in the head. Ethanin is a red giant star giving the definition of red to the dragon. Rastaban is another chief star in the head and it means in the Hebrew “the head of the subtle”. Thuban, which was once the polar star, means “the subtle”. Draco in the Greek means “trodden on” and is rendered drakwn (drakôn) as found in Revelation 12:3. Draco is the fit for Revelation 12 and a good representation of Satan as the subtle liar who will be trodden on to have his head crushed.

Draco here represents the kingdom of the Antichrist empowered by the dragon, the serpent of old--Satan. The seven heads are represented by the seven stars in the head. The ten horns are then probably represented by the ten principal remaining stars found in the body of Draco (See also Revelation 17:9-13 for the meaning of the seven heads and ten horns). But this detail of the sign all exists in the heavens at any given time. Draco also covers 120 degrees and thus a third of the sky circumpolarly. This sign is different from the Woman since there are no time markers such as the positioning of the sun, moon, or planets. As a sign in heaven, all it then needs is a meteor shower coming from the Dragon–Draco. There is a meteor shower called the Draconids that occurs every year on October 7-9th as the earth passes through the orbit trail of Comet 21P/Giacobini-Zinner that has an orbital period of 6.6 years (EarthSky). The falling stars appear to come out of Draco and the showers of 1933 and 1946 were some of the biggest of last century. There were bursts in 2005, 2011, and 2012.

The strength of the 2019 storm is yet to be determined...

Since the Draconids have been proven to be some of the biggest meteor showers in the past, it would seem the potential is there. The Draconids are also unique since their location provides the best viewing after sunset, whereas most others are best viewed in the wee hours when everyone is most likely sleeping. While the Sign of the Woman can be narrowed down to a time, the Draconids would provide the visual aspect at a very important time in Israel with this year being the Day of Atonement—Yom Kippur.

Now that we have a gap between the Revelation 12:1-2 Sign and the Sign of the Dragon, it is interesting as there is also a gap of time after the Harpazo of the manchild and the 1260 days of the Woman fleeing to the wilderness. That gap is approximately 1260 days. The time from the first blood moon to the Sign of the Woman was 1257 days and a phi portion of that is 777 days. We have come nearly 777 days that will reach “Get on the Ark Day” on Heshvan 10—November 8, 2019. These gaps of 777 days and 3.5 years from the Rapture to the Abomination are then also ratioed in phi. We have seen phi everywhere and soon we shall see.

(On another note, the Draconids though on Yom Kippur this year, they are not necessarily what the Sign is talking about in Revelation 12:3-4. While its timing does grab our attention, there could be another larger meteor storm brewing that may come closer to the time of the Rapture. Just a thought as in the original article it had wondered if the stars falling to the earth might also coincide with the events of Ezekiel 38. Again we shall see...)

October 8 at 9:30 PM ·

Tonight it was realized that 2520 days from Heshvan 10, 2019 “Get on the Ark Day” will end at the completion of October 2, 2026, which is Tishri 21 and the 7th Day of Tabernacles. This end of 2520 days would then commence the 8th Day of the Sacred Assembly—Shemini Atzeret. This has then been added to the previous diagram keeping the rest of the connections the same and intact. This is exciting as finding day counts to include the important Feast of Tabernacles had been elusive.

October 9 at 8:23 AM ·

And it is 777 days from the Revelation 12 Sign to “Get on the Ark Day”. It was also 777 days from the Great American Solar Eclipse to the day President Trump made the pull from Syria. And we had that 7 in the sun 777 days after 7/17/17...the day Israel was able to freely worship on the Temple Mount for the first time since their Decree to Rebuild Jerusalem 7x7x360 days earlier, to the very day.

LINK to the article

October 9 at 1:55 PM ·

Here is today’s find concerning the 2520 days...

October 9 at 3:56 PM ·

A phi find for the day that ties into the 777 and 777 days split by the Revelation 12 Sign...

October 10 at 11:37 AM ·

Trumpets and Atonement have passed and Tabernacles is next on the horizon. All diagrams are new except diagram 2. Diagram 1 uses the template of Diagram 2, but notice that all of these points are different by 120 days as the earthquake at L’Esperance comes 120 days before Tabernacles. Note how Diagram 2 begins with the Temple Mount and Diagram 1 ends with Tabernacles. Even note that each has a point of the seasons, be it Equinox or Solstice.

Diagram 3 shows also the significance of May 14, 2019 and it being 153 days to Tabernacles. Even the fish point ties into the anniversary of 7/17/17 and the Temple Mount. A similar diagram was recently shared starting at the Hebrew Calendar 71 year anniversary on Iyar 5 / May 10, 2019 and it was also 153 days but to Atonement.

So attention comes to The Feast of Tabernacles...

The 7th day of Tabernacles has also come
up in previous diagrams, splitting it with the 8th Day. It is also interesting as Trumpets 2026 will come 2520 days later...

October 10 at 8:13 PM ·

Here is another pairing. Diagram 1 was shared last June, but Diagram 2 is new. A search was conducted when it was realized Billy Graham died 600 days before Tabernacles 2019. However, those 600 days could not be factored in any way similar to Diagram 1. However, counting another 8 days to Shemini Atzeret does, but in a reverse ratio that includes the same middle dates. Here then is another pointer to the last of this year’s festivals...

October 11 at 5:00 PM ·

Billy Graham died 600 days before Tabernacles, but the math (shown in the last such post) was pristine at 608 on the 8th Day—Shemini Atzeret or known as the “sacred assembly”. 608 divided by 4 is 152. That is one off from the fish number of John 21. To count an additional 4 days to reach 612, and therefore 4 x 153, lands us at October 25, 2019. This is the day highlighted by the Giza Complex and Comet Borisov that will have the Comet and Regulus rising at the Causeway angle of the Great Pyramid and the Sun rising at the Causeway angle of the Khaufre Pyramid. This then means that the time from the Great Pyramid Alignment of September 20-21, 2017 is 5 x 153 days to October 25th as Billy Graham died 153 days after the Great Pyramid Alignment. The count starts with September 21, 2017, which was the Feast of Trumpets.

Diagram 2 is the other 5 nets that ended at 8/21/19. The other causeway day...

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