Signs of the End

A Discovery of Biblical Timelines

Signs of the End

A Discovery of Biblical Timelines

“But you, brethren, are not in darkness, that this day should overtake you like a thief.”       1 Thessalonians 5:4 










This web site looks for the best scenario of the coming time in light of the Bible and history. It is not an absolute prediction.

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The Fall of Ancient Babylon to 1945 and 2017

January 17, 2010
Two different people sent in two different letters within a week concerning the timing of the fall of ancient Babylon. This is when the infamous “handwriting-on-the-wall” took place where Daniel deciphered the message showing the dramatic fall of the empire (Daniel 5).  Since timelines have been observed from other dates associated with Israel and Babylon, it seemed probable that God would also use the timing of the fall of Babylon to point to other upcoming events. At least it is worth looking at to see if any significant alignment looks fairly apparent.

But first let us look at the handwriting on the wall. The handwriting was “MENE MENE TEKEL UPHARSIN”. A MENE was equal to 50 shekels or tekels and with an UPHARSIN being worth 25 shekels, that would equal 126 shekels or tekels (50+50+1+25). The tekel  could also be divided into 20 gerahs (Ezekiel 45:12). This would then mean that 126 tekels were also 2,520 gerahs. So at the time of the fall of Babylon, God uses the number of these weights to show Babylon’s judgement at that time.  

One issue that comes up first is: when did the fall of Babylon occur? According to most historians, that occurred in 539 BC. However, this is also the date that would hold to Nebuchadnezzar taking Israel captive in 605 BC instead of 606 BC. In other words, to be consistent with the chronology developed in Signs of the End, the year would have to be placed as 540 BC to remain consistent with the matrix of dates. The fall of Babylon is said to also have been in mid October of the year. This then would be the starting point–mid October 540 BC.

The first timeline that was sent in was the familiar 2,520 360-day years period. This has also been shown to work from the bookends of the two 70 year periods concerning Israel and its judgment during the time of Babylon. The four 2,520 360-day periods each ended at Petah Tikva 1878, the formation of Zionism 1897, the return of Israel 1948, and the return of Jerusalem 1967. This time period also translates to 2,483.8 solar years (2,483 years and 10 months). If this period is also applied from the fall of Babylon in October of 540 BC, then the time would have ran out in August of 1945. Think about it. What happened in August of 1945?  

World War II was a significant war that ended in August of 1945.  The beginnings of that period were also marked by a 2,520 solar year timeline from the destruction of Jerusalem in 587 BC to when Hitler began his formal program for elimination of the Jews in 1933.  On the very day of Passover 1933, he had the laws passed to define who a Jew was to set the stage for the Holocaust.  But here a timeline can be demonstrated to the end of the last world war when the United States bombed Japan with two nuclear weapons (Hiroshima August 6th, Nagasaki August 9th, and armistice August 14th). Is it any accident that World War II has timelines that bookend it as well? The only problem is that World War II was not the greatest war that will occur on earth, and it will not be the worst period of time for God’s people. That is yet to come. That future campaign is often termed as Armageddon.  But that campaign also includes the broad persecution of God’s people and the fall of a future Babylon that is the world’s capital. This is where the next timeline seems to come into play.

In doing previous calculations of 2,520 years, they were either left as straight solar years or converted most times to 360-day years. But there was another approach sent in that yielded another result. 2,520 is gained by multiplying 360 by 7.  However, what if the number of days to the solar year are used instead? That being 365.2422. The result of 7 times 365.2422 would be 2,556.7 solar years. With this mathematical analysis this timeline would run from the fall of Babylon in October of 540 BC to May of 2018 or 70 years after Israel was established in 1948. This is quite interesting.

However, in previous calculations partial days have not counted. This would mean that the whole number of 2,556 could be used since there are only 2,556 whole days in seven solar years (with each day thereof equaling a solar year). Therefore of we travel 2,556 solar years from October of 540 BC, it will result in the time of October 2017. This would then correspond to the fall festivals of Christ’s Second Coming and the destruction of the Antichrist’s Babylonian kingdom. Either way, the band of time does not vary much anyway. To correspond to the fall festivals within the last year without going over would clinch the timing–again it comes down to 2017.  

But why is 1945 highlighted along with 2017? Both periods would end great wars and both periods would have persecution that lasted seven years for God’s people (and remember that both Jew and Christian were killed by the Nazis). God knows His-story and has laid it out with these clues for those who are watching. It again comes down to faith. Is he telling something through this pattern of historical revelation? It would seem more than likely–maybe way more than likely, if not resounding confirmation that it is time.

This article would not be possible without the  observance of the first timeline to 1945 by Willard Nernberg.  Another contributor from Sweden, Ingmar Gustavsson, independently noted the timeline that consisted of 7 solar years, with each day representing a solar year to the end of the Tribulation. Jeff Exner noted the two periods of seven years (WWII and Tribulation) that seem to parallel the time of Jacob’s Trouble of 14 years.