Signs of the End

A Discovery of Biblical Timelines

Signs of the End

A Discovery of Biblical Timelines

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Coma comes before Berenice


Signs of the End - Orders
Signs of the End - Orders
August 4, 2017

One point that keeps cropping up in the rebuttal videos against the Revelation 12 Sign is trying to use the constellation of Berenice’s Hair instead of Leo. The  Revelation 12 Sign that will form on September 23, 2017 has Leo as the crown above the head of Virgo. Those who argue against the Sign say the crown should be Coma Berenice in that it has 12 stars and even one is referred to as a diadem. If that is the case, this would reduce the Sign to an ordinary event since Leo would not be involved, which is more unique. What makes the Sign of Revelation 12 with Leo so unique is the positioning of the three wandering stars (planets) among the 9 principle stars of Leo to make 12. This is what helps make the Sign a once in 7,000 year event. The Berenice’s Hair argument would reduce it to nearly a one in 12 year event—pretty ordinary.

The trouble is Coma Berenice is a modern constellation taking the place of the original. Berenice was the wife of Ptolemy lll in the 3rd century BC and she had dedicated her hair to the temple because of her husband’s safe return from war. However, her hair was stolen from the temple and was then said to have been placed in the heavens where the constellation is to this day. The trouble is that history has recorded the name of the original and true constellation as simply Coma.

Coma in the Hebrew is Comah and means “the desired”. From the Egyptian Zodiac of Denderah, it is a picture of a mother with her son and the Egyptian word used for this constellation is shes-nu, which means “the desired son”. In Sumerian the constellation was he-gal-a-a, meaning “great good son”. The original picture here is the desire of the nations–to bear the promised Son. Consider this from the Arabian Astronomer Albumazar of the 9th Century AD:

 “There arises in the first Decan [of Virgo], as the Persians, Chaldeans, and Egyptians … teach, a young woman, whose Persian name denotes a pure virgin sitting on a throne, nourishing an infant boy (the boy, I say) having a Hebrew name, by some nations called IHESU, with the signification IEZA, which in Greek is called CHRISTOS.” 

Clearly the constellation in view is not a crown but a representation of the Messiah and the mother who bore him. The star alpha Coma Berenice being named “diadem” is also a modern introduction and was not in use in the Ancient Near East.

The constellation of Coma also only has three stars visible with the naked eye. Any appeal to twelve stars is a reach for the multitude of stars found in any constellation. The wandering stars also do not visit this constellation and there would not even be enough planets to add to the three to make twelve.

What is most telling is the location of Coma as it is nowhere near being upon the Virgin’s head. That position is occupied by Leo. The Crown of the Lion of Judah would also seem to be the most appropriate title. As discussed in a previous article, the outline of Leo with the stars on September 23, 2017 looks more like the double crown of Egypt and is a better fit than a three starred constellation off to the side of Virgo. It is also culturally appropriate!

If we were to accept Berenice's Hair as part of the Revelation 12 Sign, the Sign would lose it’s greatness and become ordinary. That is simply not the case according to the Bible and this is its biggest flaw. This is because the Sign would become meaningless and not determinative of the time. Leo, however, is the key and makes the Sign truly great. This is probably why there is an eclipse in Leo just before the Season of Repentance and a conjunction of Venus with Regulus before the Feast of Trumpets. The Sign must be great and the alternative is not. The alternative is worthless and not historically accurate.

A likeness of Coma in the Egyptian Zodiac of Denderah.