Signs of the End

A Discovery of Biblical Timelines

Signs of the End

A Discovery of Biblical Timelines

“But you, brethren, are not in darkness, that this day should overtake you like a thief.”       1 Thessalonians 5:4 









Days to Hanukkah 2018


Signs of the End - Orders
Signs of the End - Orders
Diagram updates posted on Facebook page since November 16, 2018

November 19 at 3:17 PM ·

The find that was shared yesterday that 62 weeks from the Revelation 12 Sign lands at Kislev 24 was very remarkable and coincided with the other diagrams leading to this date. It also seems quite remarkable that 7 more weeks leads to the day before the next blood moon on Tu B’Shevat which is the minor holiday of the New Year for Trees—especially the almond tree, which stands for “watching”.

This is not an attempt to kick the can further down the road, and the timing isn’t our call anyway, it is simply math that could mean a number of things. It could be a testament for the Jews after the Rapture. Since we have have 62 weeks it begged the question of whether there was another 7 weeks. This is of course simply a pattern and not the weeks of years found in Daniel 9. But it does seem pretty convincing that a pattern of weeks comes to such noticeable days.

In my estimation we are waiting for Ezekiel 38-39 to develop to the point where the Rapture happens and then the full scale operation goes into effect. This could be done quickly. Israel has just figured out Russia is against them and all of the players in Ezekiel against Israel have their backs against the wall financially.

One thing is for sure, we are a lot closer to the Rapture than one year ago. All the pieces are set and could go into motion very quickly.

P.S. Taking 49 x pi would be 154 days. 154 Days back from 1/20/19 is 8/19/18 and the largest earthquake so far in 2018—the 8.2 in Fiji.‬‬

November 19 at 9:18 PM ·

When the two 2018 Indonesian earthquakes that were both at 7.5 are paired, there were 215 days from earthquake to earthquake. 215 divided by pi is 68. Here is where that leads...

November 21 at 11:57 PM ·

Both of these diagrams point to Saturday November 24.

In the first, the diagram was based off of the 120 days from the blood moon and the matching 377 days from the last Jupiter-Venus Conjunction. It is not in the diagram, but a phi portion in the first 120 day period falls at the Laodicean Sunset Equinox on 3/20/18. Likewise, a phi portion in the second period of 120 days lands on October 9/10 and the time of the Draconids/Hurricane Michael.

The second diagram is based off of the last two 7+ earthquakes. All other earthquakes were paired before the arrival of these two. This diagram has been proven with the circle on the left, but the circle on the right seems possibly significant as the first diagram also points to this day.

We shall see.

November 24 also comes 8 days before Kislev 24.

ovember 23 at 5:10 PM ·

More potential support for something on 11/24/18.

November 24 at 12:43 PM ·
PARIS BURNS: Riot police fire tear gas as 30,000 protestors furious at Macron hit France
November 24 at 9:24 PM ·
Israel, Cyprus, Greece and Italy agree on $7b. East Med gas pipeline to Europe

November 26 at 3:48 PM ·

The Noahic Countdown has been adjusted to show the 40 days and 40 nights from Heshvan 17. The weight of the numbers in this diagram could be a pointer to Hanukkah. The other diagram that highlights the same date of December 5th is also included.

The fact that 1656 days landed from the first blood moon of the Tetrad to Heshvan 17 was remarkable as a parallel of the years from Creation to the Flood. Could the 40 days of rain be a parallel to the 40 days of Jonah as a grace period?

Just something else to consider in these final days of 2018.

November 27 at 9:40 AM ·

This new diagram of the Laodicean-Hanukkah Fish completes a timeline based off of the fish proportions of 153 and 265. The ratio is the square root of 3. The next step down from 153 by the square root of three is 88.5 or 177/2. 177 is half a lunar year and the interval found between eclipses and also the pattern of 7+ earthquakes uniquely timed from the Lunar Tetrad of Blood Moons by 2 x 153. That these come in at phi of the 177 day period from the Revelation 12 Sign is indeed amazing.

Since Laodicea was the Seventh Church, it makes a lot of sense that the fish numbers of the final harvest stem from that date. For those who don’t remember, at the moment of the Vernal Equinox, the sun set at the location of the seventh church. This was stunning along with other church alignments since such as the Pleiades alignment on Pentecost and realizing the Pleiades maps the geographical outlay of the Seven Churches and also the Summer Solstice that occurred at the moment the sun was at high noon over the site of the sixth church—the Church of Philadelphia. This has all happened since the Revelation 12 Sign.

Folks, I hope you have not unfastened your seat belt!

Remember, 62 weeks from the Revelation 12 Sign is this weekend.

November 27 at 11:32 AM ·

Some copy and paste from one of the Hanukkah articles last year....I had forgotten about the tie between Enoch (Chanwk) to Hanukkah (Chanukkah)...

Enoch- 7th generation from Adam who was translated to Heaven at 365 years. Enoch is Chanwk and Hanukkah or Chanukkah is derived from the same root word–dedication. Enoch is the first raptured saint.

Esther is the Jewish Queen who ends up saving Israel. Here marriage came by Jewish Tradition on what is now Hanukkah Day 7, which is Tevet 1. The New Moon.

A Hanukkah start is also an interesting placement as Day 1335 ends also on Hanukkah Day 1. Day 1260 is Yom Kippur and Day 1290 is Heshvan 10 or Yom Kippur II.

Tevet 10– The day Nebuchadnezzar began his siege on Jerusalem. Only 9 days after Tevet 1. This may parallel the coming war on Israel from the north after the righteous have departed. Micah 7, Ezekiel 38-39.

These are some last minute considerations that Hanukkah Day 7 may be the momentous day. By calculation it would appear that the Rapture and start of the 70th Week could be the selfsame day. God will be reigniting His Covenant with Israel and Israel takes off where the Church leaves off. As the Body of Christ, we all believe and hope for mighty things from the people of Israel. Their long prophesied hour is nearly here. We pray that many will believe in the Messiah who is Jesus. And not only Israel, but also the many friends, family, or any other person who did not believe in Christ. God has revealed it and it is time to believe in it...

Habakkuk 2:1-4

I will stand my watch
And set myself on the rampart,
And watch to see what He will say to me,
And what I will answer when I am corrected.

Then the Lord answered me and said:

“Write the vision
And make it plain on tablets,
That he may run who reads it.
For the vision is yet for an appointed time;
But at the end it will speak, and it will not lie.
Though it tarries, wait for it;
Because it will surely come,
It will not tarry.

Behold the proud,
His soul is not upright in him;
But the just shall live by his faith.

November 28 at 3:04 PM ·

Shimon Peres, August 2, 1923 - September 28, 2016. Service to Israel lasted 70 years.

18,000 days after Israel surrendered the Temple Mount back to the WAQF on June 17, 1967, Shimon Peres died.

500 days after his death was February 10, 2018 and the day of the Iran Drone Attack and downed Israeli jet.

600 days after his death was Pentecost, May 20, 2018.

700 days after his death was the birth of the pure Red Heifer on August 28, 2018.

800 days after his death is December 6, 2018. This is the one year anniversary of the Jerusalem announcement by President Donald Trump. It is also Hanukkah Day 4.

November 29 at 12:04 PM ·


By taking the Morning Star Pi diagram from a few weeks ago, the pattern was found to be reversed from Donald Trump’s Jerusalem announcement to Hanukkah Day 4, 365 days later. This stuff cannot be made up!

What made the announcement even more spectacular last year is when it was found that it occurred exactly 29,000 days from the Evian Conference on the 17th of Tammuz or July 15, 1938. At that conference no nation would stand with Jewish migration out of Germany. This was found because of the momentous occasion December 6, 2017 seemed and also that the Revelation 12 Sign occurred at 25,000 days from the first Blood Moon of the 1949-1950 Lunar Tetrad. That Blood Moon was also 11,111 days from the end of World War 1 on 11/11/1918.

The Day of the Lord is coming and there has been plenty of warning

November 30 at 11:05 AM ·

The span from the last Alaskan Earthquake to the next in the major category was 312 days. Dividing by pi results in 99 days and it has been 99 days from the Peru earthquake of 7.1 on August 24, 2018. That earthquake was 222 days after the prior 7.1 Peru earthquake.

As noted earlier, this earthquake today comes 40 days from the 3 Canadian 6+ earthquakes that came in rapid sequence. 40 x pi will extend from today back to the blood moon on Tu B’Av.

November 30 at 11:45 AM ·

More diagrams based off the earthquake today. Today was the 13th earthquake this year at a 7 or above. This makes the 12th 7 as there was one 8.2.

A fifth diagram has now been added as it extends to the end of the earthquake tetrad.

November 30 at 2:58 PM ·

Adding this into the prior collection today....

December 3 at 9:25 AM ·

Here is the projection from the double Peru earthquakes that would go to December 5th or Hanukkah Day 3. The span between the Peru earthquakes has been diagrammed previously as shown in the second slide. The double Alaskan earthquakes hinged off of the Peru earthquake on August 24th. By simply using both Peru earthquakes it would seem to suggest possibly another earthquake in a few days. That will remain to be seen. The diagram from a few weeks ago of the Indonesian earthquakes also comes to Hanukkah Day 3. After seeing all the links by pi that pointed to The Alaskan earthquake last Friday, this may be another such instance. Again we shall see...

Hanukkah Day 3 (Dec 5) marks 101 Hebrew years since General Allenby rode into Jerusalem on December 11, 1917 to claim it after it was won on December 9, 1917. In 1917 Hanukkah Day 1 was December 9th.

By the way, December 5th is 100 inclusive days from the Red Heifer born on 8/28/2018.

December 3 at 12:30 PM ·

Looking at the earthquakes this year to see what else might extended into this time comes to the Honduras Earthquake on 1/10/18 that ended the earthquake tetrad. A phi portion of 531 is 328 and 328 days after the Tetrad ended will be tomorrow...?

Also if we use the Peru earthquake of August 24th, a pi would also extend to December 7th.

December 3 at 5:58 PM ·

By taking the count further from the end of this diagram of the Tetrad of the Moon and Earthquakes, a startling discovery is made. The middle portion of 153 + 153 days was an inclusive count from 9/28/15 to 7/29/16. If we do the same from 1/10/18 we will end at 11/11/18. That day marked 100 years since the end of World War 1 and it was also the day of the bizarre low frequency earthquake that resonated through the entire world. It was also the day that started the largest rocket attack from Gaza.

December 3 at 8:51 PM ·

Day 2 of Hanukkah begins. 101 years ago Jerusalem was in transition from the Ottoman Empire to British control after 400 years exactly of Turkish rule. It is stunning that the earthquake tetrad now can be seen to tie into the 100 year anniversary of the end of World War 1. This is highly significant as 11,111 days after 11/11/1918 was the first blood moon of the 1949-1950 Tetrad. That blood moon on 4/13/1949 came 333 days after 5/14/1948. Then also from that blood moon it was 25,000 days exactly to the Revelation 12 Sign on 9/23/2017. 444 days from that Sign is the final day of Hanukkah.

Here the Earthquake Tetrad comes 153+153 days before 11/11/2018. This day was significant as the nation’s came together for commemoration and yet missed the 11th hour. This day also began the attacks from Gaza that lasted until 11/13. It was also the day of the mysterious low frequency earthquake that was heard around the world puzzling scientists.

For the rest of Hanukkah this year, most of the days now have interesting timelines from significant events.

Note: the 153+153 days are inclusive counts in both instances.

December 4 at 9:00 PM ·

A 7.5 earthquake occurred in New Caledonia at 3:18pm local time on December 5th. This would make 3 7.5’s in the 3rd slide.

New slides are now added to show the update.

December 5 at 11:14 AM ·

A Day of Infamy...

This last year the diagram concerning the relation of the Jupiter-Mars conjunction on January 6-7 to the Revelation 12 Sign was stunning as the hours could be figured as 2520 and/or 2554. The 2520 is more apparent, but the 2554 matched the pi factor of 813 days from Jupiter-Mars conjunction to Jupiter-Mars conjunction. At 2554 hours it measured the start of the Revelation 12 Sign to the conjunction. At 2554 days, that spans from the conjunction to Hanukkah Day 8 in 2025. At 2554 years, 2018 was that amount of time from 537 BC when Jews returned from Babylon. So this measure seemed like a pretty big deal.

At the time in trying to figure out what it could point to, the times were divided by pi and yielded results. As seen in the second diagram, the hours would reach 2/9-10/18, which happened to be Shevat 24 (Zechariah’s vision of the 4 horsemen) and the next day that had the attack from Syria. It is interesting how this date also shows on the recent Revelation 12 diagram of the 62 and 7 weeks.

However, what happens if we expand those measures by pi? 2520 and 2554 hours that is. Hence, we then get the results of the new diagram coming to the start of this Hanukkah and then Hanukkah Day 5 or December 7th. This is the Day of Infamy and the count comes to the morning hours of that day. My best conclusion is to be ready of course. An earthquake diagram does lead to this day that has been discovered so far. December 7th makes me think of the start of world war and Hawaii. We shall see.

Any other diagrams on December 7th will be added as I check the inventory or if more are found.


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