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A Discovery of Biblical Timelines

Signs of the End

A Discovery of Biblical Timelines

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This web site looks for the best scenario of the coming time in light of the Bible and history. It is not an absolute prediction.

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Timing of the Great American Eclipse


Signs of the End - Orders
Signs of the End - Orders
August 18, 2017

As the Great American Eclipse is just days away, many items have come to the forefront this week that need to be documented on the website. It has been a collusion of information.

First, I had shared this find on Sign’s of the End’s Facebook Page related to America, specifically Washington and what happened on our unexpected trip to Washington DC in June.


The earthquake that cracked the Washington Monument was on 8/23/2011. The monument cracked near its top of 555.5 feet. 4 x 555.5 is 2222.
Washington's Birthday was 2/22. 2222 days from the 2011 earthquake by inclusive count is....drum roll....9/21/2017--the Feast of Trumpets.

I looked into that because of what I composed and found out last night:

You can call me crazy...

This is about personal confirmations. It's those things that happen personally that are not likely coincidental and seem to be there to confirm our thoughts, like the end times for example.

In June our son competed in National History Day at the University of Maryland. We are from Washington State (he took second in Washington State) so it was a big family trip. However, my son ended up winning first place in the entire nation for group website. His project was, "Mother Jones: March with the Mill Children". It was about Mother Jones (Welsh for John) and her fight for child labor laws. He won exactly 100 days before September 23--the Sign of the Woman going into labor. I did not pick or suggest his topic in any way. Dare I point out other parallels with the Revelation 12 Sign?

On Father's Day we went to Mount Vernon, Virginia and visited the estate and the tomb of the Washington's and later that day saw our nation's founding documents. I was born on Washington's Birthday, so I have always been partial to him. I was born on 2/22/1967. I am 50. I was later surprised to learn Mount Vernon had 5 inches of rain in one hour on August 11th. The rain tore down a hundred foot section of wall between the mansion and the Potomac and washed out a path to Washington's Tomb. We were there just 55 days earlier. The Washington Monument is 555.5 feet tall.

The day after Friday’s rain was last Saturday’s riots in Charlottesville, Virginia and another important place for a national founder--Thomas Jefferson, the final drafter of the Declaration of Independence in 1776. Many have wondered if the coming eclipse is a predictor of the divided States of America as it cuts its path clean through the USA. I do not know, but if the time coming is as I believe, America will not be a superpower in the Tribulation and it's end may be only a few months away.

This is all interesting and I wonder what Jonathan Cahn would say as places of our founding fathers receive problematic activities at a time such as this as we countdown to the Great American Eclipse and the Sign of Revelation 12. These were just some “coincidences” of our summer. The real deal is the texts of the Bible that document our late hour. We don’t want to be children in labor as well and that is the promise from Isaiah 66 and 26. For those who are Christ's, we can be comforted in our delivery from what is ominous on the horizon.

..And 40 days and 40 nights after the rain on Mount Vernon is---the Feast of Trumpets.

Secondly, there was this blog entry of the fact that the path of totality of the Great American Eclipse passes through seven Salems.


Salem is the short version of Jerusalem and was the first name of that location when Abraham met Melchizedek. (Genesis 14:18, Hebrews 7:1-2)


How do seven Salems having been established years in advance find their way onto the narrow path of a total eclipse?


You can read more about that here.

Thirdly, there was a reader who noticed that the first American Slaves were brought to Jamestown on August 20, 1619. That was 398 years ago and so close to 400 years. Was there a way to make it 400 in 360-day years? No, that would make it at about 404.


However, with what is current in the news with Charlottesville and old divisions being exposed, the Civil War has come back to the forefront these days in the Nation’s thoughts. Was there something else going on as the eclipse was bringing attention to America and her status?


The Civil War ended in 1865 and came 246 years after the first slaves were brought. Immediately the thought of using the phi ratio came to mind and it worked. Using the phi ratio the stepping of 398 years would then be 246 years followed by 152 years. Please see diagram at the top of the page. Is it any accident again at the placement of the eclipse in time and space? I would think not!


As far as the Civil War connection, our family trip included Gettysburg and seeing that also helped. At the Visitor center I was shocked to see the 153rd anniversary items for sale of that battle knowing the significance of 153. This helped put the significance of that war at the forefront of my mind.


What we can be sure of is that this eclipse has something to do with America and it is in tune with her history. With the coming Feast of Trumpets and the Sign of Revelation 12, most watchers agree America will soon never be the same. The Great Eclipse is at a minimum a warning.


...And then Oregon, the first state on which the eclipse falls passes the most radical abortion bill two days ago.


It is impossible to make this stuff up.



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