Signs of the End

A Discovery of Biblical Timelines

Signs of the End

A Discovery of Biblical Timelines

“But you, brethren, are not in darkness, that this day should overtake you like a thief.”       1 Thessalonians 5:4 









This web site looks for the best scenario of the coming time in light of the Bible and history. It is not an absolute prediction.

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Our Moment in Time


Signs of the End - Orders
Signs of the End - Orders

March 12, 2018


Today marks 40 days to the 70th Anniversary of Israel as a nation . Israel was reborn on May 14, 1948, but on the Hebrew calendar it was Iyar 5. This year Iyar 5 is on April 20th. Counting today as day one, day 40 is April 20, 2018. Not only was this fascinating to realize this today of all days, but there is even a bigger picture to take in at this moment. The first significant event this year involved the Temple Mount on July 14, 2017 with a terror attack that would lead to the free worship of Jews on the Temple Mount 3 days later–the first time in over 50 years. If we begin counting from July 14, 2017, we will find that 40 weeks later ends exactly on Iyar 5–April 20, 2018. This is a momentous count.


Therefore, the countdown to the 70th year of Israel is most significant and it began 40 weeks prior at the Temple Mount itself. As you may remember, July 14, 2017 was also 18,300 days from June 7, 1967 when Israel won Jerusalem and the Temple Mount in the Six-Day-War. Ever since 2006, any war or significant event involving Israel or the Middle East has come at 100 day count intervals from the Six-Day-War. This is of course by design.


The focus then is this 40 week period from last summer that is the length of a gestation period. The one big sign that led many to watch at this time was found in Revelation 12:1-2. The Sign of the Woman with Child about to give birth. Seventy days or 10 weeks before that sign was July 14, 2017. Thirty weeks later is the 70 year anniversary. It is within this time that so much has occurred.


The big issue for us all has been what to do with the fact that the Revelation 12 Sign came and went with no Rapture. It was the Sign and since then, many other interesting days came on the radar because of significant day counts. Mistakenly in hindsight,  some were projected as Rapture days, however, they were not inSIGNificant. Yes, there was a scramble for the feast days that followed the Revelation 12 Sign, but the next day with amazing day counts was to another sign showing the Morning Star (Venus) meeting the Man-child (Jupiter) after Jupiter left the womb of Virgo. It was a sign depicting the soon meeting of the Body of Christ to its Head.


Likewise, other fascinating day counts led to Hanukkah and the Anti-Jerusalem vote of the United Nations 2,520 days before Day 1290. Other day counts came to the blood moon on Tu B’Shevat (watching) and February 2nd and the amazing market numbers 2,520 days after Fukushima and 2,520 days before Day 1335. February 9th and the day of Zechariah’s vision of the four horses was another and an exact hour count came to the start of Israel’s skirmish with Iran, Russia, and Syria–2,520 days before the close of Hanukkah.  Indeed the list of amazing times grew and expanded the significance of this time. However, the Church is still here, but that does not diminish it. Many other amazing things have occurred and have been documented elsewhere here that add to this time.


The next day that came up was Purim and it was not known how this day would be significant even though there were some interesting day counts from events such as the Speech of Donald Trump on December 6th, the UN Vote, the 42 Jews who ascended the Temple Mount, and the last earthquake of a Tetrad hinging off the other day Jews ascended on the Temple Mount last summer. One week before that day, Billy Graham died. It was just before Adar 7 began in Israel to honor the birth and death of Moses, which was also the birthday of George Washington this year. On Purim, Billy Graham’s body was surprisingly in the Rotunda of the US Capitol and then on Purim Shushan, his funeral occurred with his daughter Anne giving the prophetic parallel. Some people in the past have stated that Billy Graham’s death would be like Methuselah before the Flood and they look to be correct. With Billy Graham’s birth and death associated with the harvest of fish number of 153, it seemed pretty clear as 153 is the triangle number of 17 and 969 is the three dimensional triangle number of 17. 969 is the age of Methuselah when he died. However, the timing of Billy Graham’s death with Moses who himself passed away before Joshua (Jesus) could lead Israel into the Promised Land was stunning.


Israel was given 30 days to mourn for Moses and was then given 3 days notice from Joshua that they would be crossing the Jordan into the Promised Land. This then led to Nisan 10 as the day of crossing. Nisan 10 is the day Israel is to select the Passover Lamb for observation. It was also the day of the Triumphal Entry of Jesus on Palm Sunday–the day the 69 weeks of Daniel ended and were suspended as Israel missed their Messiah. They have been held in suspension since that day. Nisan 10 is in two weeks on March 26 this year.


Daniel’s 70 weeks cannot be underestimated at this time. As been shown here before, there appears to be a secondary fulfillment of these weeks leading to this 40 week period we find ourselves in. In  AD 1535, Suleiman the Magnificent decreed for the walls of Jerusalem to be rebuilt–the walls we see today. Sixty-two weeks (434) of years later was Israel’s decree to rebuild Jerusalem on April 1, 1969–on the eve of Passover no less. Seven weeks (49) of years later would come to this Passover and parallel the 69 weeks of Daniel 9:25 in time. However, we were also shown a great sign on July 17, 2017 when Jews freely worshipped on the Temple Mount for that day only.  That day was seven weeks (49) of 360-day years from April 1, 1969. Therefore, we find ourselves in a window of time between the 49 360-day years of July 17, 2017 and 49 years of Passover 2018.  The question then is when does the 70th Week begin and thereby the Church must depart on or before that day?


March 20 has so many amazing counts to that day and that day begins seven lunar years to the completion of the shortened 70th week at the conclusion of Hanukkah. This seems to be the likely day of the Rapture. This day is just 6 days before Nisan 10. Could Nisan 10 begin where the 69 weeks last left off? Another item that flows well with this is the Jews expectation of Elijah at Passover.  This “delayed” start now makes sense of that fact.


So today marks the final 40 days to the 70th anniversary. If this analysis is correct, within this time much will occur. The Rapture will lead to the war of Ezekiel and deliverance of Israel by God. It will lead to the demise of America and make way for the ten kingdoms. Israel’s 70th anniversary will be a whole new world of recent victory and testimony of that nation to the world. It would seem this is the only way in which to account for Daniel 9 and Revelation 12 and this period of 40 weeks.


The loss of Billy Graham, the greatest evangelist at the end of the Church Age, is without parallel. The Church will not enter this time and let us not fail in pulling in that final net of 153 fish!