Signs of the End

A Discovery of Biblical Timelines

Signs of the End

A Discovery of Biblical Timelines

“But you, brethren, are not in darkness, that this day should overtake you like a thief.”       1 Thessalonians 5:4 









This web site looks for the best scenario of the coming time in light of the Bible and history. It is not an absolute prediction.

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The Hanukkah Miracle — Oil for the lamps

November 21,  2017

After posting part of a Hanukkah article that was written seven years ago to show a possible solution, it was time to see where the timelines would lead. What was found out last night was astounding beyond imagination. It was a miracle on the calculator–and we are not talking about fudging.

But first of all, this is where we are at in time...

A few weeks ago the final Jupiter-Venus conjunction of five appeared to be a model of the Male-Child (the Church) meeting Venus (the Morning Star) and the timelines in the top diagram seemed to indicate the possible Rapture. Especially with November 19th looming one week later that was 2520 days before the Day of Atonement 2024. That day was calculated to be the end of Day 1260. So the Rapture needed to occur by a few days ago. Now we are two days past. That is obvious.

Were the timelines in error? No. The countdown in dramatic fashion to November 13, 2017 only magnified the sign of the conjunction. All five of the conjunctions of Jupiter-Venus from 2014-2017 have had incredible math patterns. The same with the tetrads. You may find something I have missed. I can guarantee that as more were found last night.


Signs of the End - Orders
Signs of the End - Orders

However, before last night, the key was what to do with the 2,520 day barrier that had been crossed. Well, it could not have been crossed as the redeemed Church is still here. Seven years ago, a Hanukkah solution was presented here in 2010, but it was never followed up on as the whole hypothesis then was in failure and failed, so such new conclusions were shelved in favor of the standard take, as in the 70th week is to be 1260+1260 days. The Abomination of Desolation was to be placed right in the middle of the 2,520. Yesterday the 2010 article was truncated here with an updated diagram of the 30 day shift.


The argument for the Hanukkah solution is rather simple. All future dates calculated here are still intact with the same events outlined. All that has been done is to end the 2,520 days at Day 1290. That has been posted here as November 11, 2024 and Heshvan 10 on the Hebrew Calendar. When Daniel gives the day counts from the Abomination of Desolation in Chapter 12, it is specifically given as 1290 and 1335 days. There is no 1260 days. Many of us have taken the “times, time, and half a time” as the 1260 days, but maybe we should have been more careful. The only time we have 1260 days spelled out is in the Book of Revelation tied to the time Israel wanders in the wilderness after the Abomination and the length of time for the two witnesses. As for the 1260 days for the wilderness, that still stretches from the Abomination to the Day of Atonement 2024. The Hanukkah solution only moves the 2520 days by 30 days to end at Day 1290 and not Day 1260. This makes a lot of sense.


The point of the 70 weeks of Daniel is to accomplish the following things:


“Seventy weeks are determined

For your people and for your holy city,

To finish the transgression,

To make an end of sins,

To make reconciliation for iniquity,

To bring in everlasting righteousness,

To seal up vision and prophecy,

And to anoint the Most Holy.” –Daniel 9:24


When Christ returns to fulfill the Feasts of the Lord from Trumpets to Shemini Atzeret, there is one problem. There will be a lot of killing and bloodshed. According to the Law, when there is a time of war, the observance of the feast can occur one month later. Think blood and touching dead bodies. If we are just finishing the greatest battle ever, it would seem that is what will occur. The secondary Day of Atonement would then be on Heshvan 10, the day of sealing, to seal up the final element in anointing the Most Holy–our Lord at His capitol of Jerusalem.


With our Lord also coming 30 days before the end of the 2,520 days, he is also cutting the days short. The full measure of the 2,520 days without his return would have led to extinction. So our Lord cuts the days short, but the day counts remain the same. He is just here for the final month of wrap up. The only issue people may have is that the time from the start of the 70th Week until the Abomination would be 1230 days, but really it is still “in the middle” and does not violate any day count for that time frame because none was ever specified. We will worry about the two witnesses later.


The “miracle” though was to reconsider the top diagram with the new addition of time to get to Hanukkah. What would pop up? The first thing discovered is that another 120 day count emerged. The 120 days from the open prayers on the Temple Mount to November 13th’s final conjunction was amazing, but now 120 days emerged as the time from the Great American Eclipse to Hanukkah Day 7. Hanukkah Day 7 must begin the 2,520 day count to Day 1290. 120 days to the time of Judgment was amazing, but what is more amazing is that it hits a theme–not like the other. This is a more perfect timeline, but not to diminish the counts to the sign of Jupiter meeting the Morning Star. Just after the Great American Eclipse was Elul 1 and the 120th anniversary of the birth of Zionism in Basle, Switzerland in 1897.  So we have 120 years and also 120 days. The same numbers align–more perfect.


This then led to consider the whole top chart in light of Hanukkah–no pun intended. This led to late night calculations being half asleep punching in numbers and not expecting a more perfect countdown. And this is not to deny the prior countdown to the last conjunction. No, it shows two marvelous countdowns in harmony. One to a sign and then one to an event. It would be impossible for any created being to craft these two. Here is why...


The first countdown from the last blood moon to November 13th’s conjunction was 777 days. Counting inclusively to Hanukkah Day 7 (December 19) landed at 814 days. That may appear as nothing but if you have been following this work closely, it was 814 days from the second Jupiter-Venus conjunction on July 1, 2015 to the Feast of Trumpets 2017. It was found that 814 times pi is equal to seven solar years (2,557 days). So the countdown from the last blood moon on September 28, 2015 yields at 777 days and 7 solar years divide by pi. Pi may seem elusive to some, but it is a number of the circle. A circle of 2,557 days would have 814 days as its diameter. The use of pi in this manner has been shown elsewhere here multiple times–and yet it happens again–all with sevens.


The next up with the countdown was the closest of the conjunctions between Jupiter-Venus on August 27, 2016. 444 days later was the last conjunction of the two on November 13th. This was amazing in itself, but what about the next step? The inclusive count to Day 7 of Hanukkah was 480 days. The number pi was tried, but it was all over the place. Next came phi and the only other ratio used here with success. Phi is the golden proportion or golden rectangle. It’s a number all of creation exhibits. So phi was punched in and applied to 480 and the result was 777! More triple sevens used the same way was beyond coincidence, but the next one caused a moment of silence and awe.


The next timeline in the countdown was from July 17, 2017. This was the most critical one in my estimation. This is because this date came 7 weeks of years from the decree to rebuild Jerusalem. No other day has had open Jewish prayer on the Temple Mount in 50 years or since that day. That day at exactly 49 times 360 days fits the seven week portion of Daniel 9:25 and would seem to indicate the footsteps of the Messiah and the final week of years is almost here. So when 120 days after July 17th came to November 13th that was startling...and it should be. However, there is a more perfect way. Maybe a miraculous way of sevens. If we count from July 17, 2017 to Day 7 of Hanukkah, it comes to 156 days. Shocking? Not really. So to the calculator that number went and was multiplied by pi like the first countdown. The screen then read 490 and it was purely stunning. Not random, not coincidence–490. Strait out of Daniel 9 in like fashion. All thematic elements were consistent and utilized. A more perfect countdown–not that there was anything wrong with the others.


After three times in a row of amazing success, it seemed pretty convincing we have been on track all along. The timeline evidence mounting was huge, the Revelation 12 Sign was the frosting on the cake, but here seemed to be the candles–the Hanukkah candles–of a well served cake. And there are probably more details yet in the mix.


The signs in the heavens began 120 days before Day 7 of Hanukkah. The Sign of the Woman came at 88 days before that day. The Mars-Venus conjunction that began the first day of Tabernacles on October 5th comes 70 days to Hanukkah Day 1. There are 4 weeks left in this scenario. Day 7 of Hanukkah is on a Tuesday and as has been pointed out, the preferred day of a Jewish wedding like at Cana. Whether or not Hanukkah Day 7 is the Rapture Day is to be seen. Maybe we are taken at Day 1 of Hanukkah. Whatever the day is, it is time to still look up–redemption draws nigh. Evidence has been piled upon evidence and it all still stands. It has been one big parade for the ages.








Hello Daniel,


Thanks for your latest articles. I guess I have grown a bit weary of searching for numbers, but it is always amazing what you can unearth.


What have I got for you today?


* Another 777 - that's how many days there are between a Venus-Mars-conjunction 11/3/2015 and Hanukkah Day 7 this year if I am not mistaken.


* Hanukkah 7 will also be 1260 days since the start of Protective Edge.


* Hanukkah 7 is also 400 days since the supermoon of 2016 (significant?), and Hanukkah 1 is 400 days after the election of Donald Trump


* 77700/pi days - count back from Hanukkah 7 to see what you get!


* And then 7777/pi days back from Hanukkah 7 - Fukushima!


* Hanukkah 7 is 6666/phi days after the Mercury transit of 2006. Hanukkah 1 is 360phi days after the Mercury Transit of 2016.


* There is a Mercury-Venus conjunction between start and end of Hanukkah and it will come 777phi days after the start of Protective Edge


* Hanukkah 1 is 70phi days after the Great American Eclipse and 50phi after the Sign of the Woman. Hanukkah 7 on the other hand is 50phi after Yom Kippur


So these are the good ones. Of course I left out all the even better ones because I don't recognize them.






Thanks to Mike for sharing these. The answer to the one question is April 3, 1950–the 3rd blood moon of the 1949-1950 tetrad.


Get ready Saints!


I have not checked on all of these yet...but Mike does good work!