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“My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge.” --Hosea 4:6a


Only a short time remains, it would appear, before the Rapture of the Church at the Last Trump. Change is indeed occurring and political events are accelerating the world to its state long ago predicted by the Prophets. Only by understanding history through Scripture can people decipher what is soon coming. Surprising to many, Jesus and the Apostles gave clear signs to us who live at this very time. Unfortunately, many are not watching for the Lord’s return very seriously.


Understanding the signs requires objective biblical and historic truth. This is what led to the writing of the book and the development of this website.


For those who have not trusted in Jesus Christ as the Savior, do not waste time before the coming judgment. For those who have believed, it is time to better understand Christ's coming and warn others. We are running out of time...



Jesus promised in the Olivet Discourse that the generation that saw the signs he was speaking of would not pass away before it was all fulfilled. World war was the first sign and it is now 100 years after Av 9, 1914 and the start of World War 1. The year 2017 will mark 100 years from the height of the War and the end of Turkish rule over Jerusalem in 1917. World War 1 started 2,520 years after the Babylonian Captivity in 606 BC.


The return of the Nation of Israel in 1948 also occurred 2,520 360-day years after it returned from the Babylonian Captivity in 537 BC.  The fall and winter of 2017 will be in Israel’s 70th year and 2024 will be within 80 years and the limit of a generation according to Psalm 90:10.


Israel regained Jerusalem in the Six-Day-War of 1967. However, Israel surrendered the Temple Mount just days later. Likewise, it was also 2,520 360-day years after Jerusalem ended its 70 years of Desolations started by the Babylonians.


The first Jewish settlement (1878) and birth of Zionism (1897) also came at 2,520 360-day years from the start of the Babylonian Captivity and destruction of Jerusalem.


If we look at a possible conclusion in 2024, then it will have been 110 years since the beginning of World War I on Av 9, 1914. Av 9 is the Day of Mourning that not only remembers both Temples being destroyed on this date, but as the original date that Joshua and Caleb were the only spies who did not fear entering the Land. Joshua lived to 110 and so did the man whose bones they brought–Joseph.

“But you, brethren, are not in darkness, that this day should overtake you like a thief.”       1 Thessalonians 5:4 








“. . .If therefore you shall not watch, I will come upon you as a thief, and you will not know what hour I will come upon you.”
Revelation 3:3b
Welcome to the author's site of the breakthrough book--Signs of the End: A Discovery of Biblical Timelines and now the book, Israel: The Handwriting on the World. The initial backbone of both books are six timelines to the signs Jesus gave for the end of the age. These signs were world war (World Wars I & II) and the
return of the land of Israel to the Jews (the first settlement in 1878, the beginning of Zionism in 1897, its rebirth in 1948, and the regaining of Jerusalem in the Six-Day-War of 1967). Not until these events had happened could the pieces of the puzzle be put into place. The signs Jesus gave are the keys to understanding the time of the end of this age.

These six signs are linked by timelines from specific events of the Babylonian Captivity. The greater discovery is that all these signs are like stepping stones with further timelines to events in our immediate future. Timelines that were right under our noses, waiting discovery.

The discoveries are simply amazing. Time and again the day counts and calculations are precise to the very day demonstrating God's signature accuracy. Not only is it accurate, but it also corresponds thematically to the Jewish holidays and key biblical anniversaries as found in the Jewish Calendar. The conclusions are not based on fanciful math, manipulation of historic dates, or the author's creativity. The corroboration of the evidence may be overwhelming.


Israel: The Handwriting on the World was completed at the end of 2013, coming in at 270 pages.  This book incorporates discoveries of Signs of the End with new data and conclusions. This book contains 24 chapters and 3 appendices.  An e-book is now being offered.

Israel: The Handwriting on the World covers significant historical events often overlooked in most studies on Bible prophecy. It also covers a wide range of topics and approaches that all seem to point towards the same conclusion. Can it all be coincidence? But coincidence is not a kosher word. The reader will have to decide the merits of the conclusions. By watching and numbering the days, the key to the time of the end has been written on the nation of Israel.

If the conclusions of this book are correct, then we are at the very precipice of the gravest time the world will ever see. If it is true, then we are less than a handful of years until it begins.


This web site looks for the best scenario of the coming time in light of the Bible and history.

It is not an absolute prediction.


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1878 - Petah Tikva settlement - 2,520 360-day years from the Babylonian Captivity of 606 BC.
1897 - Founding of Zionism - 2,520 360-day years from the destruction of Jerusalem in 587 BC.
1914 - 9 Av - World War I - 2,520th year from the Babylonian Captivity.
1933 - Passover - Rise of Hitler/Anti-Jewish laws. 2,520th year from the destruction of Jerusalem.
1948 - May 14 - Reestablishment of Israel. 2,520 360-day years from the return to Israel from the 70 year Babylonian Captivity in 537 BC.
1967 - June 7 - Recapture of Jerusalem and Temple Mount. 2,520 360-day years from the end of Jerusalem’s 70 years of desolations.
1969 - Passover - Knesset founds Jewish Quarter Development Company (DQDC). 434 years (62 x 7) after Suleiman the Magnificent decrees to rebuild the walls of Jerusalem in 1535.
1973 - Yom Kippur War. 40 years from 1933.
2006 - Lebanon War. 120 days before 40 360-day years from 1967 (40 x 360 = 120 x 120).
2008 - Operation Cast Lead - December 27th. 900 days from the Lebanon War.
2010 - Gaza Flotilla Incident - May 31. 500 days after Cast Lead Cease-fire. 15,700 days from 6/7/67.
2010 - “Arab Spring” begins - 10th Tevet - Dec 17th. 15,900 days from 6/7/67. 700 from Cast Lead.
2012 - Operation Pillar of Cloud - November 17th at 16,600 days from 6/7/67. 700 from Arab Spring.
2014 - Operation Protective Edge - Night of July 8th, first rockets to hit Jerusalem. 17,200 days from 6/7/67. 600 days from Pillar of Cloud.
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Signs of the End


Signs of the End


A Discovery of Biblical Timelines
A Discovery of Biblical Timelines

Do not be left behind or be fooled by those left behind.


Learn about the timing of the Rapture of the Church, the war to get rid Israel, the rise of the New World Empire, the Seven-year Tribulation, the destruction of the third Temple in Jerusalem, the War against the Jews, and the final battle of Armageddon.


The tools for these discoveries were the Bible, historic events, calendars, and events in the heavens.



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Israel: The Handwriting in the Heavens is now available.

As a follow up to Israel: The Handwriting on the World, this book covers the astronomical discoveries since revisiting the theory of the blood moon tetrads and what developed in the related research over the past year. This book demonstrates that God has indeed given us signs in the heavens at this moment preceding the Day of the Lord by precise day counts and their mathematical relation to one another.

This book is shorter at 87 pages with twelve chapters.
Please follow the link here to get your copy of the e-book for free. This book is now available and began shipping on July 28, 2015.

The first 100 books are being sold at $4 plus shipping.
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