Signs of the End

A Discovery of Biblical Timelines

Signs of the End

A Discovery of Biblical Timelines

“But you, brethren, are not in darkness, that this day should overtake you like a thief.”       1 Thessalonians 5:4 









The Countdown to Tu B’Shevat 2019

The Blood Moon-Conjunction Convergence


Signs of the End - Orders
Signs of the End - Orders
January 1 at 9:19 PM ·

A Sister in Christ contacted me and I finally opened the greatly helped put these pieces together:

The first Israeli elections to form the new government were on January 25, 1949. January 25, 2019 is exactly 40 weeks after Iyar 5 on April 20, 2018—Israel’s 70 years since Iyar 5, 1948 (May 14).

The first elected Israeli Government first met on February 14, 1949 (Tu B’Shevat). Seventy years later, February 14, 2019 matches to Adar 9. Adar 9, 1949 was March 10 and the day Israel won the War for Independence.

The 70 years are still in play....

I am still waiting to see what significant may happen on January 2nd. I have also found earthquake data to January 20 and 26. In between is the blood moon (Tu B’Shevat) and conjunction of Jupiter and Venus.

Oh extra. Remember it was exactly 40 weeks from the temple terror attack 7/14/17 to 4/20/18.

....And 7/14/17 was 153 days from Tu B’Shevat 2017.

January 2 at 11:32 AM ·

New calculation involving some pretty key dates...
The first attempt calculated from blood moon to blood moon, but 1744 and 555 is the most accurate. Either way, I’m paying attention.

January 2 at 8:40 PM ·

The Blood Moon Pi is updated and coincides with the Tetrad of Eclipses and Earthquakes. This seems pretty encompassing and the use of the lunar cycle itself. The 70th Week from the Revelation 12 Sign seems to be key as it completes 70 Hebrew Years from the formation and first meeting of the Israeli Government on Tu B’Shevat 1949.

Today marked 500 days completed since the Great American Solar Eclipse. It appears to have not been what was expected but the math crisscrossed to today marking perhaps a significant milestone we may not fully understand. Personally, the last 24 hours have had puzzle pieces long in formation come together.

Jan 5 at 11:46 AM ·

The coming blood moon makes it seven since the Tetrad began. Previously a pi between moons 1 and 7 was evaluated and the math was more accurate actually pointing to the next day as exhibited in diagram 1. Next the rest of the moons are divided by pi to see if there is more significance like the Jupiter-Venus conjunctions that showed 5 such connections. Here we have another 5.

Included are the diagrams done awhile ago in a more detailed breakdown from moon 5 to 7.

January 4 at 11:01 AM ·

Here is where pi falls taking the spans of the 5 previous Jupiter-Venus Conjunctions to the next on January 22, 2019. The No. 2 diagram may not appear very strong, but just previously it was found to be 1260 days to Hanukkah Day 8 when Israel dedicated the altar stones for the Temple Mount (12/10/18).
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