Signs of the End

A Discovery of Biblical Timelines

Signs of the End

A Discovery of Biblical Timelines

“But you, brethren, are not in darkness, that this day should overtake you like a thief.”       1 Thessalonians 5:4 









Winding up 2019...looking to 2020

2019 in review & Ark Day 2020–Revelation 12 & 2010-2011 Earthquakes


Signs of the End - Orders
Signs of the End - Orders
December 31, 2019 at 9:41 AM ·

While intrigued about 1/11/2020 and 1/27/2020 that were posted earlier yesterday, here is the first surface scratched looking at “Get on the Ark Day” 2020.

Diagram 1 came first and is simply an extension of one of the diagrams that pointed to Hanukkah Day 7. This mirroring through the Revelation 12 Sign was first seen with 777 days to “Get on the Ark Day” 2019. Then it was with 814 days to Kislev 17 and 72 Hebrew years since 1947’s UN Partition Plan. The 814 days mirrored back to the “Bethlehem Star” conjunction of Jupiter and Venus on July 1, 2015. Now we have a mirror of 1132 days utilizing the Beehive conjunction—the first of the Jupiter-Venus conjunctions since the Lunar Tetrad began.

This then brings up the outer limit it may be of the signs that began in 2014 as the mirror effect potential will be exceeded in 2021. This makes sense if we are to get the Second Coming within 80 years from the budding of Israel. A return in the Fall of 2027 puts all possible dates of 1947-1949 under that bar. A return in the Fall of 2028 at the feast would put us over 80 years from 1947 and 1948 dates. This seems to place 2020 at the limit.

As an aside note, to mirror 1257 days from Blood Moon 1 to the Revelation 12 Sign and back out would take us to March 2, 2021.

December 31, 2019 at 10:47 PM ·

2019 Prophetic Year in Review....

Jan 1 - a “baby in the womb” appears on the sun.

Jan 20/21 - Tu B’Shevat. Blood Moon 7, the 7th total lunar eclipse since the Lunar Tetrad began in 2014. At maximum eclipse the moon is setting from the perspective of ancient Laodicea, home of the 7th Church in Revelation. 70 Hebrew years since the formation of the Israeli Government.

Jan 22 - The 6th conjunction of Jupiter-Venus occurs since the Lunar Tetrad began.

Feb 14 - 70 solar years since the formation of the Israeli Government. Peace and Security conference in Warsaw. Russia, Turkey and Iran meet in Sochi. The WAQF installs Palestinians for the first time on its board.

Feb 18 - Saturn-Venus conjunction. Violence erupts on the Temple Mount and continues for about two weeks.

Feb 28 - Storm causes flooding in Israel 1656 days after the 1st Jupiter-Venus conjunction.

March 2 - Massive 144 year old fig tree planted by Elijah collapses in the City of Angels.

March 10 and 16 - 70 solar and Hebrew years respectively since Israel won her independence.

March 21 - Purim. US Secretary of State tours the Temple Mount. President Trump declares the Golan Heights as Israel’s.

March 31 - Two more red heifers declared to be born.

April 9 - 1st Israel Election. 490 days after the Jerusalem announcement of 12/6/2017.

April 11 - Israel attempts moon landing.

April 15 - Nisan 10. Triumphal Entry Day. Five years since Blood Moon 1. Notre Dame burns.

April 21 - Firstfruits. Easter. Massive church bombing in Sri Lanka.

April 27 - Anti-Semitic Attack Poway, California.

April 29 - UN Israeli Ambassador uses the Bible in bold and daring speech to lay claim to the land of Israel.

May 4-5 - largest rocket attack in Israel since 2014.

May 10 and 14 - 71 Hebrew Years and 71 solar years respectively since Israel was established. 7.6 earthquake.

May 12 - Iran attacks ship.

May 26 - largest earthquake of 2019 at 8.0, 40 weeks since the largest earthquake of 2018.

May 30 - Ascension Day. Israel government dissolves from failed election.

June 13 - Iran attacks multiple ships.

June 20 - US comes moments from attacking Iran after drone was downed.

July 2-3 - Solar Eclipse across South America.

July 4-5 - Earthquakes strike California.

July 17 - fires erupt in Israel.

July 19 - Iran seizes 3 tankers.

August 11 - Av 10. Record numbers of Jews ascend the Temple Mount.

Sept 1 - Hurricane Dorian devastates the Bahamas. A 7 appears on the Sun 777 days from 7/17/17.

Sept 10 - Bibi Netanyahu says he will annex the Jordan Valley and is rushed offstage in a rocket attack.

Sept 14 - Iran attacked an oil refinery in Saudi Arabia.

Sept 16 - Russia, Iran and Turkey meet.

Sept 17 - 2nd Israel Election. 490 days after 5/14/2018.

Sept 24 - the Pelosi impeachment of Trump announcement.

Oct 6 - the surprise Syria announcement of President Trump 777 days after the Great American Solar Eclipse.

Oct 9 - Yom Kippur. Turkey begins Syria campaign. President Trump sends letter to Erdogan.

Oct 14/15 - Storm hits Israel on Tabernacles 1656 days after Blood Moon 3.

Oct 21 - The 8th Day—Shemini Atzeret. Netanyahu turns 70 and gives the mandate to BENJAMIN Gantz.

Oct 25 - Comet Borisov is at the King star of Regulus. Kanye West releases Jesus is King.

Nov 11 - Transit of Mercury across the sun. Massive rocket attacks on Israel begin for two days. 73 x 360 days since 1947’s UN Partition Plan.

Nov 15 - Heshvan 17. Anniversary of the Flood Day. UN endorses 8 resolutions against Israel.

Nov 20 - the deadline to form an Israeli Government expires.

Nov 24 - 7th conjunction of Jupiter-Venus.

Dec 3 - UN passes more resolutions against Israel.

Dec 11 - 6,666 days from 9/11. Israel government dissolves. President Trump signs Anti-Semitic order to stop Anti-Semitism at colleges. New Jersey Anti-Semitic Attack.

Dec 15 - 72 Hebrew years since 1947’s UN Partition Plan. Devastating earthquake in the Philippines.

Dec 18 - US House impeaches Trump but fails to deliver to the Senate.

Dec 25 - Netanyahu evacuated from campaign stage due to rocket attacks.

Dec 26 - Annular Solar eclipse begins in Israel in partiality and extends fully through the epicenter of the Great Boxing Day Earthquake and Tsunami that was 15 years earlier on 12/26/2004. Netanyahu wins primary in landslide.

Dec 28 - New York Synagogue attack. 7th night of Hanukkah.

Dec 29 - US attacks Iranian facilities in Iraq.

Dec 31 - US Embassy in Iraq attacked.

If more is needed to be added, it will. There were other smaller rocket attacks for example. This was compiled from what could be remembered off hand...

January 2 at 6:03 AM ·

Here is the Fukushima Suite.

When Fukushima occurred the green blocks of Diagram 1 were found in 2011. In 2018 Diagram 1 was made, but with 2,520 days where the 1000 now are located. In 2018 it was thought that 2/2 being 2,520 days after Fukushima meant something since 2,520 more days ended at Hanukkah 2024.

Of course the 70th Week did not begin, but a peculiar thing occurred with the Stock Market that day as it crashed 666 points ending at 25,520. It was found that 25,520 days prior was the Vernal Equinox of 1948 (this caused attention at the Vernal Equinox of 2018 where at the precise moment of the equinox, the sun set in ancient Laodicea—the 7th Church.).

A quick check last night found that it was 3,520 days from Fukushima to Get on the Ark Day, which was an even 1,000 over the 2,520 from 2 years ago. When it was checked with pi it produced 1120 and the diagram duration that was just found. Then a further breakdown by 4 pi sequences found the enhanced diagram. Obama sealing the Iran Deal seemed to be quite appropriate, but the Chilean earthquakes surfacing again seemed to seal the deal.

This is the first time since 2018 that Fukushima comes back in with strong numbers.

Strongest measured earthquakes:

1960 Valdivia 9.5
1964 Alaska 9.2
2004 Sumatra 9.2
2011 Honshu / Fukushima 9.1
2010 Chile 8.8

January 2 at 7:45 AM ·

The 2010 8.8 magnitude earthquake in Chile is #5 on the strongest measured list. It makes pi to the 50th anniversary of Israel winning the Temple Mount and Jerusalem in the 1967 Six-Day-War.

Almost forgotten. The earthquake was located at Concepcíon.

January 2 at 9:31 AM ·

In the rundown of the decade, this was one of the greatest disasters. Due to the proximity of the Chilean earthquake in 2010, this one was investigated the same way. In 2010 there was buzz about the two great earthquakes being in Port-Au-Prince and Concepcíon. There was also large earthquakes in Mexico on Firstfruits and then later at Christchurch, New Zealand that year.

January 2 at 10:53 AM ·

The next earthquake of 2010 was on Firstfruits with a 7.2 in Baja California. Here we have symmetry, the same solar dates, and the reverse of the Passover week. This is stunning.

It is also interesting as the Christchurch, NZ earthquake came later on 9/4/2010 at 153 days from the Firstfruits Baja-California earthquake.

This makes these 2010 earthquakes rather unique.

Port-Au-Prince 7.0
Concepcíon 8.8
Firstfruits-Resurrection 7.2
Christchurch 7.1

January 2 at 12:14 PM ·

This follows the 5 year and 5 year diagram style to the same end day.

January 2 at 3:10 PM ·

...and the Christchurch earthquake that came 153 days after the Firstfruits 2010 earthquake. Since Operation Protective Edge there has not been a larger attack on Israel. The rocket attacks just before Ramadan 2019 were the largest since that operation.‬ ‭‬

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