Signs of the End

A Discovery of Biblical Timelines

Signs of the End

A Discovery of Biblical Timelines

“But you, brethren, are not in darkness, that this day should overtake you like a thief.”       1 Thessalonians 5:4 









Ark Day 2020

The Solar Eclipses from 2015 to 2020


Signs of the End - Orders
Signs of the End - Orders
January 8 at 5:22 AM ·

Here is the Solar Eclipse Suite and incorporating 8 Eclipses—4 Total and 4 Annular. Missing is an annular eclipse on April 29, 2014 because no data could be found to link to Ark Day 2020. The annular eclipses of 2016 and 2017 had never been examined before, but they all had a notable measure. With the inclusion of the annular eclipses of 2019 and 2020, it seemed logical that the others needed to be examined. 2015’s Solar Eclipse, as mentioned yesterday, could not be found to breakdown with pi, phi, fish, or spiral. However, in times past a division down the middle worked and it did again here. Interestingly it divided at the Jupiter-Mars Conjunction of January 7, 2018. That conjunction came 2520 hours after the completion of the Revelation 12 Sign. It also occurred in Libra the Scales and the diagram seems to image that as well with a balanced midpoint. But here is the complete set. At the end is an overall view...

And the second portion....

January 7 at 5:01 PM ·

The 2016 Solar Eclipse had been more in the shadows, but lately it has had linkage the further we have gone. Here it was most shocking when the familiar day count of 647 appeared again, which is the span from Blood Moon 7 to Ark Day 2020.

647 will pi back to Blood Moon 3 2015.
647 will phi back to the Solar Eclipse of 2016.
647 will fish back to the Mars-Venus Conjunction on Tabernacles Day 1 2017.

Work is being done on Solar Eclipse 2015 and nothing could be found taking the segment of 2050 days and dividing it with pi, phi, fish, or the phi spiral. However, something was found and will be shared when completed tomorrow. This then means all 6 Solar Eclipses work to Ark Day 2020.

January 7 at 9:24 AM ·

2017’s Great American Solar Eclipse crossed over Seven Salems (Jerusalem) within its path of totality. Approaching these 1165 days to see what could be found began with pi and 1165 divided by pi is 371. 371 is gold as it was the length of the Flood until Noah came out of the Ark. However, a check from either end found no significant date.

A check with the fish ratio found one large earthquake last summer on June 24th in Indonesia. However, one single phi led to Av 9/Av 10 in 2019 when a record number of Jews ascended the Temple Mount. One single phi was similar to yesterday’s Solar Flare discovery and a similar check with pi on the similar portion hopped and skipped through some notable dates—and more may come of it as those days pass and new information is learned. Even the same template pattern from the flare was used, but seems to work.

January 7 at 6:39 AM ·

Three more diagrams now to go with the previous two.

Diagram 1 is an expansion out of the previously shared Double Solar Eclipse Fish.

Diagram 2 is stunning as it ties in 280 days or 40 weeks from perhaps the last 70th anniversary of Israel and then also the 300 days from Soleimani’s death to Ark Day 2020.

Diagram 3 is also stunning as it captures the Transit of Mercury (the last two times were 5/9/2016 and 11/8/2006 (2006’s was 40 x 360 or 120 x 120 days from 6/7/1967)). This last Transit of Mercury came at 73 x 360 days from the passage of 1947’s UN Partition Plan for Israel.

There may also be more diagrams from the 2019 total solar eclipse as with anything here spanning nearly 300 more days. A familiar breakdown by 4 pi or 4 circles is possible as some of those measures would work, but again, there is that blank space. Some of these may be drawn with potential anticipation...‬ ‭

January 7 at 2:58 AM ·

Here is the first new diagrams of the day as the solar eclipses come into view to Ark Day 2020. The first diagram will probably need filling in as we advance through this time, but we do know about the time of the next solar eclipse and it lands at the fish ratio.

Diagram 2 spirals to the upcoming equinox and conjunction of Jupiter-Mars. The last time these made conjunction was on 1/7/2018, which was found to be 2520 hours from the Revelation 12 Sign. The screenshot in the diagram is at the very moment of the Vernal Equinox from the position of Nineveh or Mosul. This seemed curious due to past meridian alignments at the times of equinoxes land solstices.

So far with great success has math been found to Ark Day 2020 from the 7 Blood Moons, the 7 Jupiter-Venus Conjunctions, the Revelation 12 Sign, the Temple Mount Day of 2017, and some distant earthquakes of 2010. The next step then is to examine the solar eclipses and pull the strings that are found that lead to other things.

Ark Day 2020
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Ark Day 2020
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Ark Day 2020
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Ark Day 2020
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