Signs of the End

A Discovery of Biblical Timelines

Signs of the End

A Discovery of Biblical Timelines

“But you, brethren, are not in darkness, that this day should overtake you like a thief.”       1 Thessalonians 5:4 









This web site looks for the best scenario of the coming time in light of the Bible and history. It is not an absolute prediction.

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March Update


Signs of the End - Orders
Signs of the End - Orders

March 10, 2018


Some of the elements in this diagram are striking as this looks ahead one week to a possible similar time as before the Flood. Using the hour counts of 2520 and 2554, as in the second diagram to the conjunction of Jupiter and Mars from the Revelation 12 Sign, the phi portion of both ends 21 hours apart on 3-12-18 at 9pm EDT/6pm PDT and on 3-13-18 at 6pm EDT/3pm PDT.


This is the first time 444 days has been documented in this instance and brings the count to 8 such spans if this turns out to be a correct significance.


If only two weeks remain it may not seem too important at this point, but truly there is time to witness and lay down evidence that people looking for answers can find in the days ahead....



The Florida Shooting on February 14, 2018 was 6000 Days since 9/11. 17 people died.


The Flood began when Noah was 600.

It began on 2-17.


A 2 dimension triangle of 17 per side is 153–the harvest fish number of John 21.


A 3 dimension triangle of 17 per side is 969–the age of Methuselah before the Flood.


Three days later on 2-17-18 the Noah storm hit.


It is 2 x 17 days from Valentine’s Day to 3-20.


Billy Graham died 7 days later...



On the day of Billy Graham’s funeral, this Canadian Hemlock planted by George Washington 227 years ago falls. The tree was a gift from the Governor of New York. George Washington became President 229 years ago in 1789. 229 days before this tree fell was July 17, 2017. That day last summer was the momentous day in Jerusalem when Jews freely worshipped on the Temple Mount for the first time in over 50 years.


George Washington was born on 2/22. 2/22 this year was Adar 7–Moses’s birth and death day. Billy Graham died the day before. On August 11, 2017 a large portion of wall at Mt Vernon collapsed in a rainstorm. 222 Days from that day is March 20, 2018. For other fascinating numbers tied to what we have just witnessed, please check here:




Here is the newest diagram with some supporting diagrams. The tie into Billy Graham and George Washington is amazing. America as a great nation has about run her course and will soon undergo judgment once the Rapture occurs. I think we can see the handwriting on the wall once all believers are removed from her. This will make way for the War of Ezekiel, God’s protection of Israel, the collapse of the other superpower and general destabilization leading to the ten kingdoms and Antichrist. If you have not believed and trusted in Christ as your Savior—I would do so now. Read John chapter 3 in the Bible...






As we have seen the amazing connections of 153 and the significance of John 21 as Jesus’ last miracle, now consider His first in John 2. The wedding at Cana on the third day. Follow the link below to see how the 6 water pots would be equal to 153 gallons. By the way 3/20 is on the third day. The sun on 3/20 is 153 degrees from the location of the solar eclipse on 8/21. If Jesus first miracle at Cana was in the spring of 29 AD it will then be 1989 years since (153 x 13). 13 for Jesus and the 12. The sun also moves into Pisces (the fish) on March 12.


Signs in John

In this blog post, Dr. Stephen Jones of God's Kingdom Ministries gives a teaching on Signs in John.




Daniel’s Encompassing 70th Week has been adjusted in an attempt to solidify the first segment of 1260 days for the two witnesses. A lady contacted me and offered that it was 1264 Days from April 1, 2018 to Atonement 2021 (9-16-2021)—being the time the two witnesses are raised from the dead and taken to Heaven. However, if we start their ministry at Passover two days earlier on March 30th, and fitting for the Jews’ expectation of Elijah, the 1260 days ends at the Fast of Gedaliah, who is mourned for his assassination. The two witnesses would then be raised a few days before Atonement but during the Days of Awe. This seems to fit the days best—granted there is a period of overlap not inline with the traditional pre-Trib approach on this subject, but I think this is sound.


This diagram then also answers in a way why we have no mention of 2520 Days in the Book of Revelation and only segments.






Today I was thinking about the 120 days in the diagram. It was also 120 days from 7-17-17 to 11-13-17. So the Conjunction of Jupiter and Venus, the last of a set of 5, is a midpoint of when Jews worshipped freely on the Temple Mount for a day, the first in 50 years, and the potential day seven days out from 3-20-2018, which is looking like 3-12/13-18.


Then this email from a gentleman came this afternoon:


“I'm surprised not to find this yet on any of your diagrams, but I just discovered that 12/21/17 (the UN vote) comes at exactly the midpoint between 9/23/17 and 3/20/18. 12/21 is 89 days away from each date!


I think you should make a new diagram showing this!”