Signs of the End

A Discovery of Biblical Timelines

Signs of the End

A Discovery of Biblical Timelines

“But you, brethren, are not in darkness, that this day should overtake you like a thief.”       1 Thessalonians 5:4 









This web site looks for the best scenario of the coming time in light of the Bible and history. It is not an absolute prediction.

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Until Messiah the Prince – The Final 12


Signs of the End - Orders
Signs of the End - Orders

Unfortunately by the process of elimination, the Rapture did not coincide with the amazing countdowns to the Equinox or Nisan 10 or a last ditch effort to Nisan 11. The Equinox turned out to be an amazing match to the sunset at Laodicea and Nisan 10 had the sacrifice at the last moment one step from the Temple Mount. The list of 12 x 12 came to the middle of a 12 day period from the Equinox to Firstfruits. The countdown to the start of Nisan 10 also marks out 7 days of the Passion Week from Lamb selection to the raising of the Messiah. So it still seems we are overwhelmingly on track.


The large piece of the puzzle is the 49 years from the Decree to Rebuild Jerusalem on April 1, 1969 and the tie into Daniel 9:25. Those years are up on the morning of Firstfruits. Also the 49th full moon from the start of the Lunar Tetrad of 2014-2015 comes the day before on March 31. It is the second blue moon this year.


These are some initial thoughts and thank you for bearing with me on this scenic path to what should have been more obvious in hindsight. The delimma has been to see how 7 years can fit to the end. If the 70th Week begins on April 1 that means it would be 7 lunar years less 12 days. This of course is not a traditional pre-Trib view, but it could very well add meaning to cutting the days short. The Holocaust lasted 7 lunar years exactly and for a time coming that will be even worse, I don’t think anyone would protest a 12 day cut.


Again thank you for your patience and spirit of watchfulness as we see this unfold.



The first diagram is the new one and now shows the endpoint of April 2, 2018. On this day is the Mars-Saturn Conjunction in Sagittarius or the Archer who is the picture of Revelation 6.


“Now I saw when the Lamb opened one of the seals; and I heard one of the four living creatures saying with a voice like thunder, “Come and see.” And I looked, and behold, a white horse. He who sat on it had a bow; and a crown was given to him, and he went out conquering and to conquer.”   Revelation 6:1-2‬


This is when Judgment begins. Notice how the phi point between the eclipse and next Monday is the conjunction of Jupiter and Mars in The Scales (Libra) almost showing a scale in itself. Also notice how December 6th comes to the forefront as it should due to its day count of 29,000 days from the start of the 7 year Holocaust on the 17th of Tammuz 1938. April 2 would be the next start point. Also notice how the Noah storm on 2/17 connects to Nisan 17 which then parallels the 5 months of the Flood before the Ark came to rest. There are heavy themes here.




This diagram is a fresh perspective of simply looking at ten day increments back from Firstfruits March 31-April 1. The red dates are counts from April 1. The orange from March 31. The gray shaded ones are inclusive—counting start and end days. Courtesy of Darren.

































March 29, 2018


These two diagrams below are one from last week and one from today. The new one began with the 40 days from Billy Graham’s death until Firstfruits April 1. What developed was surprising in that both of the latest countdown diagrams became incorporated. The ones of Shevat 24 and the Equinox. In fact, elements from the first diagram could also be pasted in to the second.