Signs of the End

A Discovery of Biblical Timelines

Signs of the End

A Discovery of Biblical Timelines

“But you, brethren, are not in darkness, that this day should overtake you like a thief.”       1 Thessalonians 5:4 











It is Not a Question of If, but When

October 9, 2008

I remember back when I was a kid and watched the first Planet of the Apes movie. The movie in itself was disturbing, but the final moments were the most eerie of them all when, on shore, a wrecked Statue of Liberty came into view with Charlton Heston cursing and beating on the sand. The great American Dream was no more and it shook up the idea that the United States would remain invincible. Of course this was only science fiction.

However, those eerie feelings of Heston walking down the beach are being resurrected today. As events of the past few months have unfolded, it seems the same as when the camera panned through the statue’s crown looking down upon Charlton Heston before the viewers saw his total revelation. For those of us who know what is on the horizon biblically, it seems as if the United States is on its final precipice. Not only are the world’s economies teetering over the abyss, but also Russia has become hostile again. The majority of our leaders also cannot tell right from wrong—leaders found wanting and also wanting a lot more of your money. Indeed, the stage is set and it seems the coming election may further confirm America’s disastrous fall from grace.

However, if Ezekiel’s prophesied war is scheduled on the near horizon, there does not seem to be much that will reverse the coming train wreck in the Middle East, the world, and in the United States. Of course there are many unknown variables that could occur in the few years that are left—and that seems to be two years. Still, it is never the time to give up in holding to and hoping for what is right. We still do not know what will happen to America until the very end. But be that as it may, it does appear to line up better that Barack Obama will become President. However, whoever becomes president, he seems to be the last one, if 2010 is the end of the road for the USA, as we know it.

In that coming war, America will only protest the invading armies into Israel that come from all sides. The principal invaders will be from Russia and Iran. By connecting the dots it would seem that the US’s superpower status will have evaporated at that time (or that its will is lost). But really this future protest is not much different than the one given when Georgia was invaded two months ago. America is diminishing, Russia will increase, and Iran will not receive a deathly blow from Israel or the US—at the most, a glancing blow.

Many still believe that Bush will attack Iran in the coming lame duck months of his presidency, but that is very unlikely given the current circumstances. The fact that last spring he rejected Israel’s desire to bomb Iran, and that he would not support them, is a good indicator that he is not interested in doing an attack on Iran anytime soon. Also, the fact that Israel had placed planes on Georgian airfields, which Russia came in to destroy, demonstrated that Israel was planning an attack from Georgia to bypass US controlled airspace over Iraq. Of course this also demonstrates that Russia is a solid ally of Iran and a few steps ahead in strategy. The US seems to be on course for not significantly helping Israel in its coming time of need. But fortunately, God will be the one to intervene for Israel’s sake.

Continuing the current trends it is fairly easy to see the dots connect. The economy and this election will probably show more trending to the dot that appears to be two years away. It would appear that Americans have lost their way and have been easily manipulated by the politicians and pied pipers. Instead the country seems to be on the fast track to slipping away and making way for a global change. China and others have already sounded the calls for a global currency this week. More pieces of the prophetic stage will come into view over the coming months, if we are truly within a few years of a new leader that controls the world from the site of the former Roman Empire.

Ezekiel’s War seems to be the war that neutralizes America, Russia, and the Islamic States making way for this Revived Roman Empire. It seems that this war will conclude between the Rapture of the Church and the revealing of the Anti-Christ. As I have stated in, Signs of the End, the Church will probably witness the lead up to this war and may in fact see the beginning stages. But it appears that the removal of the Church is the key to initiating the full onslaught of the invasion. Therefore, after economic struggles and then the inevitability of the war, the stage will be set for the coming world leader. If the coming scenario is true, then things should come quickly into focus. For those in the light, the Day approaching will be seen. Those in darkness will be clueless (1Thess. 5). But hopefully some will catch a clue and look for the people willing to give the answers found in the Scriptures. This is our purpose.

Therefore, we cannot continue the metaphor of cursing and beating on the sand as we witness and foresee the demise of our country. We should not be shocked at what will come into view. Instead it should be a motivating factor to get down to business.


This web site looks for the best scenario of the coming time in light of the Bible and history. It is not an absolute prediction.

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