Signs of the End

A Discovery of Biblical Timelines

Signs of the End

A Discovery of Biblical Timelines

“But you, brethren, are not in darkness, that this day should overtake you like a thief.”       1 Thessalonians 5:4 









This web site looks for the best scenario of the coming time in light of the Bible and history. It is not an absolute prediction.

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October Updates II


Signs of the End - Orders
Signs of the End - Orders
October 7 at 9:02 AM ·

Here is another aspect to the Red Heifer tied to Israel’s 70th and the 17th of the Second Month.

October 7 at 10:29 AM ·

And add in the Draconids...

October 7 at 7:18 PM ·

The first diagram is new and contains one of the templates based off of 189, 60, and 19 days. It’s beginning is the same as the last diagram composed last July after the Jewish Nation-State Law was passed. Each end with a difference of 40 days from Trumpets to Heshvan 10. This stuff cannot be made up—just grateful to find it.

The Jupiter-Venus conjunction of 2016 was the closest of the five from 2014-2017. So Heshvan 10 ties into this day as well as the first blood moon by 1656 days paralleling the 1656 years from Creation to the Flood.

Tomorrow are the Draconids and we wait with bated breath as the trail continues...

October 8 at 4:52 AM ·

The ”Bethlehem Star” was the second Jupiter-Venus Conjunction of the group of five similar to those before the birth of Christ. This was the most easily seen as it was in the evening. Here it is in pi relation to Heshvan 17 (October 26, 2018) and the conjunction of Mars-Venus on October 5, 2017, which was the first day of Tabernacles last year. This is truly spectacular, as with all the rest.

October 8 at 9:40 AM ·

Here are all the diagrams showing the connections to the Flood dates of Heshvan 10 (10-19) and Heshvan 17 (10-26) using all 5 of the Jupiter-Venus Conjunctions. As you can see Conjunctions 1 and 2 point to Heshvan 17. Conjunctions 3 and 5 point to Heshvan 10. Notice that Conjunction 5 to Heshvan 10 completes the phi sequence of a Fibonacci sequence that is factored by 10. The Fish ratios of 1531 and 884 are also alarming. 1531 is nearly 153 x 10 and the duration count is 1530, but 1531 is accurate mathematically to 884. While 884 does not lead to a Flood date, at least not found at the moment, it does land on a critical date that was also 1000 days from Conjunction 2.

October 8 at 9:31 PM ·

With the 340 days from the last Jupiter-Venus Conjunction to the Flood Day, it dawned on me that there was a template of 340 days already done from the Great American Solar Eclipse to the Last Blood Moon. The new 340 with the other are posted here along with the recent diagram that also includes the same 60 days.

October 4 at 12:07 PM ·

Looking for a Revelation 12 Sign Connection, one that works goes to 2-17 (10/26/18). The Peru Earthquake is doubly amazing as the phi proportions match the date and the magnitude. The theme of 40 is also derived and matches the first account of 40 in the Bible. Even Billy Graham comes in at phi in the midst of the 399 days.

October 8 at 11:13 PM ·

Here is something to also consider. From the Great American Solar Ecliose over Seven Salems, it is 432 days to the Anniversary of the Flood Day—Heshvan 17 / October 26, 2018. If we take phi of that time it lands on none other than May 14, 2018. Accident?

Consider it was The USA that moved and dedicated its embassy on that day and the seven Salems begin to make sense....

October 9 at 11:26 AM ·

Interesting fact....

Last year’s Heshvan 10 was 153 days before Firstfruits (not always the case).
Then 7 weeks or 49 days to Pentecost.
Pentecost to Heshvan 10 this year is also 153 days.

153 —> 49 —> 153
<><. <><

October 9 at 2:44 PM ·

Added in the 153 from Heshvan 10, 2017 to Firstfruits....

October 9 at 9:47 PM ·

This diagram got a whole lot more fishy today with the addition of 153 from Heshvan 10 to Firstfruits and now the counterpart of the geometric fish at 265. 265 days leads to the 9th of Av 2018 and the day 1440 Jews ascended the Temple Mount setting a record.

459 is 153 x 3, but divided by the square root of 3 it equals 265. 265 divided by the square root of 3 is 153. The Christian Fish Symbol is two circles that overlap to their centers. The length and width of the overlap is best represented by 153 and 265 since they are the closest whole numbers that express the ratio of the square root of 3. The 153 portion will also form a perfect equilateral triangle.

153 is also a triangle number itself in two dimensions if a triangle has 17 units per side. A three dimensional triangle of 17 units per side is equal to 969. All of these numbers have appeared in the diagrams.

October 10 at 11:26 AM ·

A bit of a diagram update showing the geometry of the fish in the diagram itself.

October 10 at 11:45 AM ·
In regards to Hurricane Michael Striking Panama City...

“Panama. probably from an unknown Guarani word, traditionally said to mean "place of many fish." Originally the name of the settlement founded 1519 (destroyed 1671 but subsequently rebuilt).”

1519-1671 inclusive is 153.

October 10 at 5:51 PM ·

Today was 13 Lunar months from the Revelation 12 Sign. It also coincided with 14 Synodic months since the Sign.

Perhaps the connection to the big day today.

Michael was the 3rd strongest hurricane to hit the USA in memory.

The Stock Market drop was the 3rd largest.

And the earthquakes have picked up including a 7.0 in Indonesia....

October 11 at 3:40 PM ·

Working on some amended earthquake diagrams to see what might extrapolate further...
Posting the first three here updated.

October 12 at 9:40 AM ·

This diagram is rather interesting considering the Flood narrative as the Ark came to rest on the 17th day five months after the flood began on what was then the second month. Jesus was raised on the 17th on Firstfruits seven days after Palm Sunday on Nisan 10. Here we have the flip side starting from Firstfruits and ending at the anniversary the Flood began...

October 12 at 11:51 AM ·

Today’s diagrams so far and the first is looking further into the solar flare of 2017 that was mentioned earlier here on this page. The second diagram is an upgraded one from earlier including the moon position under Virgo’s feet at the end of 13 lunar months from the Revelation 12 Sign and also the coincidental end of 14 synodic months as well. A synodic month is the time it takes the moon to return to the same position among the stars. It is 27.3 days. Notice 273 would be 10 synodic months in diagram 1.

Looking over some solar flare stuff... the large one last year on Sept 6 was 400 days before Michael, etc two days ago. The one solar flare off the charts and largest, and it occurred in 2003, was on Heshvan 10. 2 x 2520 days later from that day was August 21, 2017 and the GASE7S (Great American Solar Eclipse Seven Salems).

Here is an article from last year on the flares. That Heshvan 10 or “get on the Ark day” had such a massive flare spaced in such a way indeed would seem to be another clue.

“The Moon is about 400 times smaller than the Sun, but it also just happens to be about 400 times closer. The result is that from Earth, they appear to be the same size. And when its orbit around Earth takes the Moon directly between Earth and the Sun, the Moon blocks our view of the Sun in what we call a solar eclipse.” Wiki

October 12 at 4:20 PM ·

Here are all the stages of this earthquake diagram with the newest on top. This was the last pair of earthquake diagrams that actually anticipated a 7+ earthquake before the day it happened by two days. All of the other 7+ earthquakes since the end of the earthquake tetrad (1/10/18) were paired except for the Mexico quake of 2/16/18. Mathematically by pivoting off of the significant Hawaii earthquake by phi it made sense for an earthquake to make the match and it did when the 7.9 struck Fiji on 9/6/18.

In this newest diagram by extending the 77 and 125 portions by dividing by pi, three important dates are matched with a fourth going to 10/16/18—40 days after the Fiji earthquake of 9/6/18. That is interesting as the 9/28/18 earthquake and tsunami in Indonesia was also at 40 days from the first large earthquake in this series on 8-19-18 in Fiji again at 8.2.

This then completes the extension of the fourth pair of earthquakes with one more set to go. As posted yesterday, 2 extended to the last earthquake of 7.0 in Indonesia and one extends to 10/26/18, which is the anniversary day the Flood began.

October 12 at 9:22 PM ·

Here is the progression of this pair of earthquakes spaced at 177 days apart. The newest diagram is on the top. Surprisingly or not so surprisingly, this new diagram found a link to the earthquake of September 28th that caused the horrific tsunami. The math of a phi continuation of 68 days leads to the day after Heshvan 17 / October 26. Sometimes an interval between eclipses is 176 days, but the math seems to point to the next day. That will remain to be seen...

October 12 at 10:44 PM ·

Here is a map of the 5 pairs of earthquakes with those 5 diagrams that have been extended. All extensions were based off of the original numbers of the original diagrams by pi or phi.

Yesterday at 11:32 AM ·

If you haven’t seen this already, this is Paul Dawson’s latest video. This video echoes my sentiments. One thing I do not emphasize is the need for a Peace Treaty in Israel because in Daniel 9:27 there is are two major camps of thought there and I don’t think either one captures the meaning correctly. The issue in the two camps is who is the “he” in verse 27. The problem is that in the Hebrew there is no “he” in verse 27 when it speaks of confirming the covenant. “The Covenant with the many” in itself is not a peace deal but The Covenant of God with His people. The LXX translation of this passage, that is the Greek version that the NT era used, reads that it is 7 years to confirm the Covenant with the many. Indeed that is what the Tribulation will do—and later in the passage of Daniel 9:27 we see what happens in the middle of those seven years—the Antichrist. Notice in Matthew 24 that Christ keys off of this event of the Abomination and not a peace deal—he never mentions one. I believe once the Rapture occurs we will have Ezekiel 38-39 and Psalm 83 combined. Then there will be political restructuring and temple building. The Antichrist comes later after the restructure and establishment of Daniel’s Iron mixed with Clay kingdom.  

9 hrs ·

How the 400 days here were missed to this point is amazing. With all of the other 400 day counts this then became apparent last night. What is interesting is that 177 divided by pi is 56 and leads to October 16, 2018 again, as it was seen 40 days leads there as well as demonstrated in diagram 2. With these facts, it seems that October 16th would be a high alert day for another markedly significant earthquake in the 7+ range.


Diagram update to include 40 weeks...
Thanks to Darren Jack for the reminder. Darren is looking at 10/17 for the Rapture (here I am looking at the Flood Days on 10/19 and 10/26). By counting start and end days 10/16 is 40 weeks. That 10/16 comes out of the 400 day diagram and the 40 day diagram...this seems to be a significant day tied to earthquakes.