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The Jacob Code - The Key of Padan-Aram


March 11, 2012
While still in the mode of the Patriarchal model, the time of Jacob (147 years) and his periods of seven years were considered further. From the Generations article one month ago, it was suggested that Jacob’s life span of 147 years might parallel the period of time from Petah Tikva (AD 1878) until  the 147th year runs its course in 2024/2025. Was there something else that might lead to further credibility to this theory?

The thought then came to mind if Jacob’s first period of seven years that began at Padan-Aram could possibly parallel the seven years of the Holocaust from 1938 to 1945, as documented in The Times of Jacob’s Troubles. This was postulated without any knowledge of how old Jacob was at the time he fled to Padan-Aram. However, it is not an easy task in determining his age at that moment.

The conventional answer for Jacob’s age when he first meets Rachel is 77 years of age. Probably a bit older than one would have envisioned when hearing the story. The reasoning is that Jacob was 130 years old when he came to Pharaoh in the famine (Genesis 47:28). This was at the completion of the second year of famine with five more years to go (Genesis 45:6).  Therefore, Joseph ascended to power nine years early through his interpretation of the dream, which would make Jacob 121 years old at that time. Then since Joseph was 30 years old when he came to power (Genesis 41:46), that would mean that Jacob was 91 years old when Joseph was born. When Joseph was born, it was at the end of the 14 years or two sets of sevens (Genesis 30:25). Therefore, the age off 77 years at the time Jacob came to Padan-Aram is gained by such reasoning, which appears sound.

However, there is a problem with this deduction.* When Jacob flees to Padan-Aram, Esau goes to Ishmael to obtain another wife in an attempt to please his family (Genesis 28:9). If Jacob and Esau are both 77 years old at this time, then Ishmael would have to have been 151 years old since Ishmael was born 14 years before Isaac (Genesis 16:16) and Isaac had his sons at 60 years of age (Genesis 25:26). This is not possible since Ishmael lived to be 137 years old (Genesis 25:17)! So apparently Esau was visiting the ghost of Ishmael to obtain his bride! This is of course not likely at all. Esau must then be visiting Ishmael at some point before his 137 years are complete. Therefore, the twins’ age must be at the least 14 years younger than the traditional view of 77 years of age. They could not be older than 63 at the time of Jacob fleeing to Padan-Aram and Esau going to Ishmael.

Under the conventional understanding, the only part of Jacob’s chronology that would allow adjustment is the part of Joseph being 30 years old when he stands before Pharaoh. Similar Scripture utilizing the Hebrew word for “stand” does not mean from the year of one’s birth.  In 1 Samuel 13:1 it says Saul is “a son of a year in his reigning”, so it refers to the time from his anointing (1 Samuel 10:1). This fact coupled with Genesis 37:3 brings additional light. In Genesis, Joseph is called “a son of his (Jacob’s) old age”. However, it is aptly pointed out that Joseph was born near to the time of his brothers, but it was Benjamin who was truly the son of his old age. Rather, as the story goes, Reuben had just slept with Bilhah and Joseph gives a bad report to Jacob concerning his brothers (Genesis 35:22, 37:2). The coat of many colors would then better be described as Joseph obtaining the birthright, especially since he was Rachel’s firstborn and that the firstborn of Leah had committed incest. Joseph then receives this family anointing at 17 years of age and then also has his dream of the family bowing down to him, which later happens in Egypt. When Joseph stands before Pharaoh it could be that it was rather 30 years after the anointing at 17. The extra 17 years would mean Jacob was 60 years old at the time he fled to Padan-Aram, which would mean Ishmael was 134 years old at the time Esau sought him for a wife. This then harmonizes the chronology.

Therefore, this means that Jacob was 60 years old when he began his first set of seven years for the bride he hoped to have.

The timeline in view is the life span of Jacob applied from 1878 (Petah Tikva) to 2024/2025 (Second Coming possibility). This covers the 147 years of Israel’s life. Now here is the first parallel. Jacob began his first seven years under Laban at 60 years old, just as sixty years from 1878 leads to the seven year Holocaust that began in 1938. This is simply phenomenal since the Holocaust (specifically the betrayal of the nations) of seven years began on the eve of the 17th of Tammuz 1938.  So, here is the point. The life span of Jacob applied from 1878 does indeed fit the parallel of time and events of Jacob’s life to modern Israel. Just as Jacob had to serve two sets of seven years for his brides, so also the Holocaust was the seven year precursor to the coming 70th Week of Daniel. Is it purely accidental that sixty years comes into play both times in the parallel when the first seven years began? If it is, then do not read further because there are even more parallels in the life of Jacob.

As we continue beyond the period of the first seven years, the next notable date that parallels Jacob’s life is when he gives the coat of many colors to Joseph. This was 31 years (7+7+17) after coming to Padan-Aram. Thirty-one years after 1938 would come to 1969. At Passover of 1969 the decree went from the Knesset to begin rebuilding Jerusalem. This date has been arrived at by two other methods. Firstly, 1969 also came at 62 weeks of years (434 years) from Suleiman’s decree to build Jerusalem’s walls in 1535. To continue this parallel, seven more weeks of years (49 years) would transpires in the spring of 2018, likely putting the start of the final week of Daniel in the fall of 2017. This is a secondary application of Daniel’s 70 weeks with a twist. The second way in which 1969 was derived was for the fact that from the starting day of the Great Depression in 1929 until Passover 1969 was exactly 14,400 days, which is precisely forty 360-day years. So it is interesting that the time of Joseph and his prophecy also ties into the year of 1969.

The next step on the timeline would be the next pair of seven years that comes 30 years later. Chronologically those years would line up to 1999, 2006, and 2013.  Probably most significant here is the year 2006. This is the year that was initially thought of in Signs of the End to be very significant since forty 360-day years or 120 x 120 days (14,400 days) from the capture of the Temple Mount on June 7, 1967  led exactly to the 17th of Heshvan 2006, which is the anniversary day of the Flood. However, there was significance  since 120 days prior to that day was the eve of the 17th of Tammuz 2006. This is exactly when the Lebanon-Israeli War broke. This is especially interesting now since the eve of the 17th of Tammuz was also used to pin point the beginning of the Holocaust in 1938.

However, there is a time on the chronology that may seem even more amazing. During the famine, Jacob is finally reunited with Joseph with five more years to go until the end of the famine. Jacob was 130 years old (Genesis 47:9). This then would come to the year of 2008 in the parallel. Just after this time, according to Genesis 47:15, the money in Egypt then failed. Is it any wonder then that the stock market crash of 2008 occurred on the eve of Rosh Hashanah with a fall of 777.7 points? Indeed, the money has been failing since that time and it seems like at some point that it will finally collapse and make way for something new.

And so the life of Jacob (Israel) continued another 17 years. The application of his life span of 147 years from 1878 would then end in the year 2025. However, in the year 2024 the fall festivals and Hanukkah would actually be within the 147th year. This along with other items found here on this site would seem to support 2024 as the end of the 70th Week. In any regard it appears that we are in the ball park of the final years before the Messiah returns, with the Rapture needing to come at least seven years before the end. That means we only have a handful of years that remain, and if this is correct, we should see further alignment of the nations to the events long foretold.

* An article found on was the key to finding out the chronological accuracy for Jacob being 60 when he went to Padan-Aram.