Signs of the End

A Discovery of Biblical Timelines

Signs of the End

A Discovery of Biblical Timelines

“But you, brethren, are not in darkness, that this day should overtake you like a thief.”       1 Thessalonians 5:4 









This web site looks for the best scenario of the coming time in light of the Bible and history. It is not an absolute prediction.

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Understanding the Time–-Pentecost


Signs of the End - Orders
Signs of the End - Orders
April 11, 2018

When we look forward to the next significant date on the horizon, it seems important to know and understand from where we have come. Each step along the way to this point has been significant and adds to the entire story. Each step tells one big story in a symphony of signs leading to the crescendo of where Jesus left us 2000 years ago. Everything was important and it is important that we do not dismiss what was found along the way. So let us look at the big picture.

The immediate picture began just over 38 weeks ago at the Temple Mount on July 14, 2017 when a terror attack occurred. This incredibly came at the
sequence of the 100 day increments from June 7, 1967 that have been observed since 2006 (see left). Here it was 18,300 days back to that momentous day when Israel won back the Temple Mount in the Six-Day-War on June 7, 1967. Tragically, Israel surrendered back the Temple Mount just ten days later to the WAQF and for over 50 years the Jews have been unable to freely worship there. That tragic date was June 17, 1967 when out of fear this act of appeasement was accomplished.

Remarkably, this act of terror last July led to confusion, protest, and disarray, which then allowed for one day on which the Jews ascended the Temple Mount to freely worship there. That day was July 17, 2017 and it also happened that it was precisely 49 times 360 days (or seven weeks of years) from the decree of Israel’s Knesset to rebuild Jerusalem on April 1, 1969.  This decree fit the requirements of Daniel 9:25 and a  portion of that time is also 7 weeks of years.  

“Know therefore and understand,
That from the going forth of the command
To restore and build Jerusalem
Until Messiah the Prince,
There shall be seven weeks and sixty-two weeks;
The street shall be built again, and the wall,
Even in troublesome times.”   –Daniel 9:25

So at 49 years or seven sevens it would be until Messiah the Prince. However, as has been shown here before, it was also 62 sevens of years (434) from the decree of Suleiman the Magnificent of the Ottoman Empire in 1535 to rebuild the walls of Jerusalem to the year 1969 in solar years, which are different from 360-day years. In solar years though, 49 years was up by Resurrection Sunday April 1, 2018. At this point it would be easy to dive ahead, but hang onto this thought, because it is critical. Instead let us evaluate the signs and times between these periods of the 49 years that ended on July 17, 2017 and April 1, 2018–for a period of 37 weeks.

Instead let us make sure we do not neglect the full picture that was painted for us. After the Temple Mount events came the Great American Eclipse on August 21, 2017 that crossed seven Salems (Jerusalem, Zion). Amazingly, the eclipse came just before the period of repentance for the fall festivals that begins on Elul 1. Elul 1 120 years ago was also the exact time of the first Zionist Congress that met in 1897. Clearly, we can see the focus and parallels on Jerusalem at a critical time and yet we were not looking for an immediate Rapture, because we were looking ahead to the Feast of Trumpets and the Revelation 12 Sign.

Truly we thought the Revelation 12 Sign was it, as it was just after the Feast of Trumpets. We had been looking at it for years and had shown its unique time in history. Even though the Rapture did not occur, the Revelation 12 Sign is still real and valid. Some may think that it proved nothing, but that is dangerous ground. Many have mocked it since, but it stands as a testimony to this prophetic hour and it also stands as a testimony to the time of Jesus.

Jesus was likely born on the first day of Tabernacles (John 1:14) to be circumcised on the 8th day—Shemini Atzeret. Twelve days after the Revelation 12 Sign occurred was the first day of Tabernacles on October 5, 2017.  As many are aware, on that day there was also a conjunction of Venus and Mars. On the 40th day from that day was November 13, 2017 and another conjunction that occurred between Venus and Jupiter–the fifth and final of the series. Venus the Morning Star met the Man-child that left Virgo on the day Messiah would have been presented and dedicated in the Temple (Luke 2:22). Was that the Rapture day? No, but here we can see the painting of a big picture as we see a parallel in Revelation 12 to the birth and life of Jesus being replayed in the heavens, but still looking forward to the completion of the Man-child–the Body of Christ–the nation that will be born in one day–the Church.

However, as we progressed scratching our heads, we looked for other possible times because all the previous signs were surely not for nothing. The big issue presenting itself at this time became how to fit in seven years before the fall feasts of 2024. Under traditional models there is 1260 and 1260 days in sequence and that puzzle piece was beginning not to fit as anticipated. As solutions were looked for, it brought us to days that would fit in the seven years, but they also had countdowns to them from other previous significant days, so it seemed like a fit. Even though there was no Rapture on those hypothesized days, there were events at those times that pushed us forward.

The next watch day after November 13 was Hanukkah Day 7 (December 19) as it was 2,520 days before Day 1290 in 2024--instead of Day 1260 on the Day of Atonement 2024. While no Rapture occurred, other events occurred. There was President Trump’s Jerusalem announcement on December 6 that was exactly 29,000 days from the disastrous Evian Conference in 1938 that enabled the Holocaust.  This announcement by President Trump that led to Turkey having an emergency meeting on December 13 to condemn that announcement and cause a UN vote on December 21 against the Jerusalem capital.

The next high watch dates came at the time just after the blood moon and on February 2nd as it was 2520 days from Fukushima, but also 2520 days ahead to Hanukkah Day 1, 2024 and the before figured Day 1335. The only event that day that did occur, besides a total solar eclipse beforehand, was that the Stock Market crashed 666 points and closed at 25,520–a quite suspicious number. Counting those days back would land one at the Vernal Equinox of 1948–the year Israel became a nation 55 days later. This caused speculation about the Vernal Equinox 2018.

A week later Shevat 24 was considered as it was 2,520 days to the last day of Hanukkah on January 2, 2025. This was seemingly the last place the 2520-day puzzle piece could fit. Shevat 24 comes into play as it was the day Zechariah saw the vision of the four horses also found in Revelation 6. It also had interesting counts to this day and into the day after. It was on the day after that an Iranian drone led to an Israeli attack and the loss of one of its F-16’s. There had not been such an attack for many years.

The next day on the countdown that came into view was the Vernal Equinox itself and the start of spring. At this point Hanukkah Day 8 would be 7 lunar years away (2480). With the death of Billy Graham at the Mosaic interval like the time of Joshua, it looked like we were on target again. Instead it was found that the Vernal Equinox itself was timed at the exact same minute the sun set on the location of the former Church of Laodicea–the Seventh Church in the Book of Revelation. Hint, Hint.

Next came Nisan 10 as it was the day Daniel’s 69 weeks ended at Christ’s first coming. Instead, Israel offered a sacrifice one step away from the Temple Mount. Could the Rapture then have been Resurrection Sunday? No, and as the 49 years from April 1, 1969 were up, we were still here. Now many things happened that week to confirm its importance. Gazans began their marches on Passover that are intended to occur until May 14th. There is more but...

Why are we still here?

The parallels to the time of Joshua and Jesus seem to be in view. As the sign and conjunctions in the fall paralleled Jesus’ birth and dedication, so also, we find ourselves in a parallel of the time of Jesus’ crucifixion, resurrection, ascension, and conception/birth of the Church matching the times and gap, but a reversal from the transitional end of the Church back to the Nation of Israel to fulfill her final week and ultimately win back her land as promised in the “Covenant with the Many”.  Also, with the death of Billy Graham like Moses, the transition is set for Israel as the sunsets on the Church.

This countdown in parallel countdown to Pentecost. Notice that the 49 years since the Jerusalem Decree in 1969 ended exactly by Sunday and the moon was full for the 49th time on Passover since the blood moon tetrad began in 2014. It is here then that another seven sevens begins in the count to Pentecost Sunday.

There were also similar counts involving a use of 49. The Vernal Equinox was 490 days from the conception comet and before that comet it was 490/pi (156) days back to the 49 murdered on Shavuot 2016 at the Orlando night club. This all landed at the Laodicean Sunset Equinox March 20 at the end of that day. 12 more days came to Resurrection Sunday April 1st.

Also if we count from the November 28, 2016 "Chimney Fire' in the Pigeon Forge/Gatlinburg Tennessee region, after which a small fragment from the Book of Joel chapter one was found, it was 490 days to April 1 and Resurrection Sunday. November 28, 2016 completed 69 years since the UN Partition Plan for Israel was made on November 29, 1947. So here then we have a 490 day count to the day we begin the count of 49 days to Pentecost Sunday.

If we also count 490 days from January 15, 2017 and the meeting of 70 nations in Paris against Israel, those days end at May 20, 2018–again Pentecost Sunday.

Also, if we count the days since the death of President Shimon Peres on September 28, 2016, it is 600 days to Pentecost Sunday. This also comes 18,600 days since Israel surrendered back the Temple Mount on June 17, 1967. If we Peres (“divide”) 18,600 by 600 it is equal to 31. Pentecost or 50 is equal mathematically as 31 x phi.

The story or parallel that we follow is Christ’s fulfillment of the Feasts of the Lord. Jesus ascended to Heaven on Day 40 and Pentecost came on Day 50 or 7 weeks from the Resurrection on Sunday. Jesus left ten days beforehand and was not here to close out and complete Pentecost. Pentecost had always been a day considered, but now if the days are indeed cut short by 100 or 107, it can mathematically fit into the equation. Pentecost is when the new order begins and it was also the day the Trumpet of God was heard. For all of these reasons it would seem this is the most likely day to fulfill the Rapture, make a completion of the Signs, and launch the 70th Week.

In closing there is a final aspect to Pentecost beginning the final week. Besides being the end of the week of weeks, the final week of seven years carried forward lands 2,520 days later on Passover 2025, 100 Days after Hanukkah ends. Why this seems so fitting even if the days are cut short is because in Daniel 9:27 where this final week is mentioned, the reference is to the “covenant with the man”—the Abrahamic Covenant. When Israel departed Egypt it was 430 years later to the selfsame day that Abraham received the Covenant (Exodus 12:40-41). Israel departed at Passover. These 2520 days from Pentecost to Passover would seem to be a nod and confirmation of this final seven years and it’s leading to that Covenant fulfilled.

And one week shall establish the covenant with many: and in the midst of the week my sacrifice and drink-offering shall be taken away: and on the temple the abomination of desolations; and at the end of time an end shall be put to the desolation.  —Daniel 9:27 LXX
Ascension Day
2018 May 10

300 days from 7/14/17 - Temple Mount terror attack.

400 days from 4/4/17 - Syrian chemical attack.

1,400 days from 7/8/14 - Operation Protective Edge.

2,000 days from 11/17/12 - Operation Pillar of Cloud.

2,700 days from 12/17/10 - Arab Spring start.

2,900 days from 5/31/10 - Gaza Flotilla Incident.

3,400 days from 1/18/09 - Cast Lead Cease-Fire.

4,200 days from 11/8/06 - Heshvan 17–-Anniversary Flood day that was 120 x 120 (14,400) days from June 7, 1967 and also 120 days from the start of the Lebanon War on 7/12/06.

18,600 days from June 7, 1967 when Israel won the Temple Mount in the Six-Day-War.
The below diagram was just completed here on the phi countdown to Ascension Day on May 10, 2018. Notice that the high magnitude signs are all connected here. The phi center point is not labeled, but it is within the 18 days marked in red and it would be December 13, 2017 when Erdogan hosted the emergency summit to deal with President Donald Trump’s announcement on Jerusalem just 7 days earlier within this center part of 18 Days.

There are four periods of 70 days in the diagram. 70 is the key number and 70 nations are listed in Genesis 10. 44 also appears 3 times in the diagram, but there is a fourth not labeled.

The diagram also connects the significant events on the Temple Mount with The Revelation 12 Sign as well as the significant events on Mount Vernon, Purim, and Billy Graham’s funeral.

But why Ascension Day ten days out from Pentecost? That remains to be seen. You may also notice that another point of phi is also yet to be determined in a few days. That remains to be seen as well.

My view is that events will soon come and we have days ahead to watch whether event related or a parallel to significant days of Jesus and the Church. I believe Pentecost May 20 is the day of the Rapture.

Stay tuned! Maranatha!