Signs of the End

A Discovery of Biblical Timelines

Signs of the End

A Discovery of Biblical Timelines

“But you, brethren, are not in darkness, that this day should overtake you like a thief.”       1 Thessalonians 5:4 









Fukushima, Hyakutake, Zionism, Jupiter-Mars, Blood Moon 5


Signs of the End - Orders
Signs of the End - Orders
Fukushima, Hyakutake, Zionism, Jupiter-Mars, Blood Moon 5

Abraham Accord and 123 years of Zionism...

Jupiter-Venus 5, Trump, Elul 1, Peace, Zionism,  Revelation 12 Sign

Kaduri, Sharon, Rabin, Peres, and Israeli campaigns and wars. Great Pyramid

Earthquakes, Revelation 12 Sign, Egyptian Eclipse, and Comet Neowise

Kislev 24 and Tevet 1
Comet Neowise

The Solar Eclipse and Earthquake Countdown with Tammuz 9 and following

Temple Mount Pentecost, Dividing Israel, Ariel Sharon, & Rabbi Kaduri...more...

Comet Atlas and the Pleiades
490 and the Fish

80 360-Day Years and Ravi Zacharias
American Eclipse and Kaduri 8000

Swearing in the Israeli Government
May 14 to May 17

Swearing in the Israeli Government
May 14 to May 17

Billy Graham, Comet Swan, Grand Spirals, 666, and June 1

Working towards 2027 Part 3

Working towards 2027 Part 2

Working towards 2027 Part 1

Updates from the 2020 Passover Season

Shoemaker-Levy 9, Passover, Hyakutake, The Pleiades, Supermoon 2016, Jupiter-Venus 2016

Earthquakes, Comets, Tsunamis, the Giza Complex, and the Pandemic

Kaduri, Solar Flare, Graham, Passover, the Seventh Church and the Equinox

Rabbi Kaduri
Coronavirus-Market Drops

Israel Elections, Market Drops, Morning Star and 1440 days

The Rocket Attacks, Coronavirus, 130 Years and Market Drops

999 Days and the Counts of 111 Day Increments and 1111 Days

The Flood Spirals, Purim, May 14-15, the Russian Earthquake, and Mark Twain

Tu B’Shevat, Valentine’s Day, Chile 8.8, & Nisan 10 with Venus and the Pleiades

Jewish Nation-State Law, Firstfruits, Av 10, the Trump Declaration, 969, & Daniel 9:27 LXX

Holocaust Remembrance Day, the Peace Plan, the 7.7 Earthquake, Zionism, & a Generation

The Tetrad, The Holocaust Forum, Shoemaker-Levy 9, Hale-Bopp, The Good Friday Earthquake...

The Morning Star, Signs in the Sun, Volcanoes, 2520, 40 weeks, Ink Flag & the Dragon

Ark Day 2020
The “Auxillary Conjunctions” of 2017 to 2020

Ark Day 2020
The Seven Jupiter-Venus Conjunctions of 2014 to 2019

Ark Day 2020
The Solar Eclipses from 2015 to 2020

Ark Day 2020
The Ark, The Temple Mount, and Blood Moons

2019 in review & Ark Day 2020–Revelation 12 & 2010-2011 Earthquakes

Winding up 2019...looking to 2020
January 11, Shevat 1, & Venus Travel Points

Towards Hanukkah Part 2 - Conjunctons and Eclpse
Towards Hanukkah Part 1 - Blood Moons
Solar Eclipse December 26, Kislev 17 and 24 - long range discoveries
Kislev 17 & 24 Part 1
Kislev 17 & 24 Part 2
Heshvan 27 Week part 1
Heshvan 27 Week part 2
Jupiter-Venus Conjunctions to the Seventh
Transit of Mercury, Heshvan 17 and 27
Elijah Coming and
the Pleiades at 77
Daniel’s 70 Weeks and the Gap
The Phi Spiral to Day 1290
The Nisan 10, 2020 – Venus & Pleiades Alignment  
The Phi Spiral continued...
J-V Conjunctions, Blood Moons, Solar Eclipses, & Hezekiah and Rachel
The Phi Spiral expanded
Great Pyramid, Tabernacles, Earthquakes, Hurricanes 777, & Solar Flares
Atonement, Tabernacles, & 2520
GASE 777, 153, & 120
7 Jupiter-Venus Conjunctions, 7 Blood Moons, the Feast of Trumpets, & the Dragon...
Summer’s End - Election, Persia, Borisov, & Pyramids
Seven on the Sun & Jordan
Summer 2019 - 25,777 & Super Pi
Summer 2019 - 9/11, Great Pyramid, & 2012
Summer 2019 - 15th of Av Week
Summer 2019 - 9th of Av Week
More Fish, 666, and the Great Pyramid
Summer 2019 Solar Flare
and 111
Summer 2019 17 Tammuz
Summer 2019 III Fish
Summer 2019 II
Summer 2019
Solstice 2019 II
Solstice 2019 and Exodus 19
Updates for week 7 of 7
Updates for week 5-6 of 7
Updates for week 4 of 7
Updates for week 3 of 7
Updates for week 2 of 7
The 62 and 7 Weeks to Pentecost 2019
The J-V Conjunctions to Ascension and Pentecost
The Blood Moons to Ascension and Pentecost
Notre Dame and Passion Week
21 Sidereal Months - 777
The Span of 666
Late March Updates
Solar Eclipse, Conjunctions, Passover...
Seventy, Adar 9, & Blood Moons
March Update - Ecuador and Peru Earthquakes
Bloodmoons, Conjunctions, & Earthquakes
The 70th Week Scenarios
Towards 70 years of Independence II
Towards 70 years of Independence
Revelation 12 Sign - 490, 7 x 70
120, Temple Mount, Great American Solar Eclipse, & Earthquakes
490 and the Great Pyramid
The Week in Fish Update
The Countdown to Tu B’Shevat 2019–The Blood Moon-Conjunction Convergence
Days to New Years 2019
Days to Christmas 2018
Days to Hanukkah 2018
The Anti-Israel UN Vote on Nov. 16, 2018
Days of November to Hanukkah
Heshvan 27 and the Rainbows End
Heshvan 17 Updates
October Updates II
Post Shemini Atzeret Updates
September Atonement Week Updates...
The Last Day, The Last Trump Reprise
The Four Seasons
Earthquakes 2 - Fulfilled
The Next Step
The Seventy Pi Phi and
the Key of the Revelation 12 Sign
The Coming Prince - The Lion of Judah
The Earthquakes
Cutting Short the Days
The Seven Salems Eclipse-Trumpets Pi
Supermoons, Billy Graham, Rockets Update
The Solar-Lunar Eclipse 50 Pi
The Pentecost 50 Weeks Pi


This web site looks for the best scenario of the coming time in light of the Bible and history. It is not an absolute prediction.

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August 25 at 8:39 PM  ·


There are so many things to find that are related to one another. Here with exact day counts, as always, the Six-Day-War with laser accuracy ratios to the First day of Tabernacles 2027 with Fukushima at the spiral point. That great earthquake has surfaced in many other ways as well. It works by pi to Ark Day 2020 as well. That was found back in January.



August 26 at 9:00 AM  ·


The first diagram is new and has found a correlation from a key date in the buildup to the Holocaust with the Great Tsunami of 2004. Passover in 1933 is one of the few that has landed on April 11 and Diagram 2 shows the years that has occurred recently out of the last 120+ years. Diagram 3 is being shared again as it relates the Great Tsunami of 2004 with the 123rd anniversary of Zionism later this week.


The photo in Diagram 1 is from a Jewish family in Warsaw on Passover 1933.





August 26 at 1:02 PM  ·


In doing some more long range hunting, the first two diagrams were found and are new. The pivot point is Comet Hyakutake with the start being the First Zionist Congress that met on Elul 1 on August 29, 1897 123 years ago. Here the distance of 130 years comes into play at the 130th Hebrew Anniversary (Diagram 1). The second diagram took a look at perihelion and found a date that has surfaced before being September 28, 2027.


The rest of the diagrams are to show other finds with Comet Hyakutake that have been shared a few months ago.







August 27 at 6:25 PM ·


A 2017 video brought up to speed...


August 27 at 9:47 PM  ·


Rabbi Yehuda Glick received the diagram below shared here recently from a contact I made back in 2006 who has been blowing the shofar with him. I am requesting your prayers for the Rabbi. I have always wanted to handoff what has been discovered here to the Israelis as a testimony to the time.



August 28 at 9:54 AM  ·


There are 4 total solar eclipses that surround Israel that have or will occur in 1999, 2006, 2027, and 2034. Previously only one angle was looked at between the eclipses that was shared in the video link below. Today it seemed like there should be further analysis of these 4 eclipses. Here are two diagrams found so far.

This video is 5 years old.



August 30 8:30 AM  ·


There were three diagrams that pointed to Zionism’s 123rd anniversary and that day most notably came with the UAE declaring that its boycott against Israeli trade was now finished. Peace is in the air—literally as Israel is now painting it on the first jet to fly from Israel to Dubai. Two months are all that now remain to Ark Day 2020.


August 30 8:40  PM  ·


If one makes the day of the UN led by Turkey acting against Jerusalem and President Trump’s Jerusalem announcement spiral with the projected Day 1260, its point shifted between August 31 and September 1. September 1 comes at 1000 days from President Trump’s announcement and 30,000 days since the 17th of Tammuz 1938, which was the Conference in Evian, France on July 15th. That day is already slated to have the shofar being sounded at the Eastern/Golden Gate of the Temple Mount by Rabbi Jehudah Glick. Tomorrow is also the first flight from Israel to Dubai with many notable leaders onboard—Jared Kushner being one of them. The watch continues...

What is also interesting is that the Trumpets being blown at the Golden Gate at this spiral point match Day 1260 with the Great Trumpet and the arrival of the Messiah on the Mount of Olives to then travel across the Kidron Valley to walk through that gate to the Temple Mount. Maybe a bit of foreshadowing there.




September 1   ·


Today’s 7.0 Earthquake in Chile comes in at Phi.



September 1  ·


Here are all the notable phi spirals from President Trump’s Jerusalem Proclamation on December 6, 2017 to the anticipated days of 2027. The remaining one to be seen is to Day 1335 and spirals at September 10-11. That day has also been on the radar in other diagrams. Spirals drawn from the Jupiter-Mars conjunction of 2018 also begin with September 10th with Trumpets 2027 as the end date. That conjunction was 2520 hours from the Revelation 12 Sign.


The big picture is that we will likely see more developments in the Middle East with Israel in the area of Peace. All the current trajectories are dovetailing to Departure Day. The believer in Christ is Raptured with Peace and Safety being the rallying cries beforehand, then comes sudden destruction and a shift in the world order after Ezekiel 38-39. The world order of ten kingdoms must precede the Antichrist. The Rapture will be a rescue just like as in the Days of Noah.








September 1  ·


Here are the spirals using the Jupiter-Mars Conjunction of 2018 to the notable days of 2027. Will notable events land at the spiral points? Some might and some might not. The ones that nestle into the spirals from 2014, might deserve more attention.  We shall see.