Signs of the End

A Discovery of Biblical Timelines

Signs of the End

A Discovery of Biblical Timelines

“But you, brethren, are not in darkness, that this day should overtake you like a thief.”       1 Thessalonians 5:4 









Shevat 24 and the last spot for 2520 days

Part 2



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Signs of the End - Orders
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Ark Lift-Off Day, Esther, Kislev 24, & the Great One...

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Swearing in the Israeli Government
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February 3 ·


Here are the findings with the Great Tsunami of Japan in 2011.

The fish ratio lands in 2016 on the 69th anniversary of 1947’s UN Partition Plan for Israel. That time is the middle of 4 total solar eclipses that surround the land promised to Abraham.

The pi ratio lands on Hanukkah Day 1 in 2017 that had the Organization of Islamic States meet in Turkey in response to President Trump’s Jerusalem Declaration. Note how the Trump Pi coincided with Israel and its anniversary with Tu B’Shevat 2021. That is quite the sequence.



































This was shared over a year ago and shows the limit of a generation at 80 years along with other spans that are from Genesis.

Psalm 90 gives the generation 70 years or 80 by strength.

The 130 years is the span from Adam to Seth. Adam means “man” and Seth means “appointment”. From the birth of Zionism in 1897 it is 130 years to 2027. Man has an appointment.  

130 years is also the age of Terah at the birth of Abraham who was born 60 years after Terah began his family. Isaac had Jacob at 60 years.

Eighty years though is the key and for everything to wrap up by the time 80 years completes from May 14, 1948 to May 14, 2028, the Second Advent would have to occur at the Feast prior in the fall of 2027.



The Golda Meir Phi ratio with 2004’s Great Tsunami to last weekend where the count looked to possibly begin 2520 days to Hanukkah Day 1 was amazing among many other things. Other days where a count began of 2520 to reach significant days in 2027 also had blatant math as well. Now we come to the last possible fit.

So here is another Golda Meir Phi with a great earthquake with the phi portion reversed. Lookup the Great Hanshin Earthquake to see more and learn about the second worst earthquake to hit Japan in the 20th Century.




Here are some links with the Great Tangshan Earthquake.
































The largest earthquake ever measured was the Great One in 1960.
































The deadliest earthquake since the Great Tsunami of 2004 was at Port-au-Prince, Haiti in 2010. Here are the ratios found in the span to this Sunday. ‭






























































After 2010’s Port-au-Prince Earthquake came the one at Concepcíon, Chile at 8.8.
































The Baja California earthquake on Firstfruits has also been tied into many of the times of 2020/2021 and 2027. Here it works with the largest earthquake of 2016.
































The Sichuan earthquake was found at ratios to the Days of Noah 2020 and here it makes a ratio with the conclusion of the Earthquake Tetrad that mirrored the Lunar Tetrad.
































The Nepal earthquake in 2015 was the most recent of the real deadly earthquakes. It was also at ratios with the days we have been watching. Here it did not intercept any earthquakes, but it crosses dates of significance that have surfaced time and again.
































1999’s Izmit, Turkey Earthquake is another of the super deadly earthquakes and makes ratios with Sunday.






























































Here is a ratio beginning with 1985’s Mexico City Earthquake and running through the largest earthquake in Mozambique’s  History.
































Taking a look at the events of 2020 to change the pace and here we have a ratio with the Abraham Accords and the day Venus was in the Pleiades on Lamb (Nisan 10) selection day—Jesus the Morning Star among the congregation.
































The signing of the Abraham Accords comes in at the Phi Ratio from the day the Deal of the Century was revealed in private to the leaders of Israel and Shevat 24. The numbers of 377, 233, and 144 are also part of the Fibonacci sequence. Another 377 days will be drawn next but with pi and a shift to the day the Deal was revealed....
































Here are two ways to look at 377 days. By pi it works with the Feast of Trumpets matching the Kaduri prophecies. By phi it works with the Abraham Accords with the shift of one day. What is fascinating is that Kaduri also died on January 28th, but in 2006—14 years earlier. That’s two sabbath years. Also note the magnitude of the earthquake that day.

377 is an interesting number as it is part of the Fibonacci Sequence but also that by pi it is equal to 120. Noah was warned 120 years before the Flood and 377 would be the day count by duration from the day Noah was called into the Ark to the day he left.
































One last calculation from 2006 here lands with the 120th anniversary of Zionism since August 29, 1897,

The total span of this diagram divided by pi will equal 1657–the same number in the amount of years from Creation to the end of the Flood of Noah.
































Here is a spiral from the other Venus alignment hitting all days of biblical significance with the last of the Abraham Accords and then Shevat 24 that pictured the world of Zechariah at peace by the report of the 4 horsemen.
































The Phi point of these star alignments reaches Shevat 24.
































The Russia earthquake on February 13, 2020 marks out 360 days to Shevat 24. A Phi Spiral of those 360 days leads back to the earthquake near Patmos this past fall. This is interesting as well as 360 x 7 is 2520 and we are looking at the last potential of 2520 days from the next day to the conclusion of Hanukkah 2027 as possibly the period of the 70th Week ending with everything fulfilled.

Including the previous spirals found before 1/21.


























































































Another find on the Patmos Trail...
































I took another look at Israel’s first Prime Minister, David Ben-Gurion, and found that I had made a mistake on this diagram to last Saturday when it actually goes to this Sunday. So this IS correct now. I encourage people to check everything because there is no room for being close. It needs to be spot on accurate and this is here.

The old diagram had 5484 and that was not correct.
































It was time to look again at Chaim Weizmann who was Israel’s first President. A search with this weekend produced no results, however, it drew close to the death of Golda Meir. To make the Phi ratio then with her death led to Adar 9 on February 20-21st. Adar 9 is the day Israel won her 300-day War for Independence that began the day after May 14, 1948. On Adar 9, Abraham is the soldier who raised the Ink Flag in the Negev in 1949 marking the end of that war.

What would Adar 9 be this year? If we are raptured here very soon, then Ezekiel’s War will need to begin quickly thereafter and will conclude fairly quickly as it is likely coming with many missiles and air strikes in one massive attack—to be stopped as quickly by God. Two weeks from this weekend could be the conclusion and victory. That is only a speculation, but it would be a great day for it in an ode to Israel’s beginning as a great nation back in the Land.

Previous diagrams are attached to show another Chaim Weizmann match and the Golda Meir Phi to Sunday.






























































Yitzhak Shamir was Israel’s 7th Prime Minister and longest serving behind David Ben-Gurion and Bibi Netanyahu






























































Ariel Sharon was a legend and went into a coma in 2006 for eight years before he died. Here are some calculations from his death to this Sunday. Ariel means Lion of God. Note that 1960 is also equal to 4 x 490. 490 is 70 x 7. Four for Blood Moon 4 and 490 for the representation of the Seventy Weeks of Daniel. That is pretty powerful.

Diagram 2 is a Phi Spiral, which if you have been following here know that it stems from the Flood Story itself. The spiral point here is a massive sudden flood that hit Israel in 2019. Please note the details. 1656 was the amount of years from Creation to the Flood.






























































The funeral of Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin took place on November 6, 1995 two days after the assassination, at the Mount Herzl cemetery in Jerusalem, where Rabin was later buried. Hundreds of world leaders, including about 80 heads of state, attended the funeral. 7,000 days later was the middle of the Lunar Tetrad...


Shevat 24 is 19,600 days from the end of 1967’s


490 x 40

70 x 7 x 40

70 x 280


Some are growing weary and abandoning the search for the start of the 70th Week. The significant days of Noah had been backward engineered, along with other stops, counting 2520 days back from the Feast Days of 2027 including Hanukkah. Incredible math was found at all of those junctures.


The Revelation 12 Sign was also found by incredible math long ago before it came and we thought it was the time. It wasn’t. It was an incredible marker just like the Blood Moons and the Jupiter-Venus Conjunctions. Unfortunately, many do not consider those placements in the ongoing prophetic map. Signs and significant biblical days are there for a reason and it holds true to today. The diagrams show a connection to all of it beyond our ability to control it. It is all a grand picture of the story.


The math to the Days of Noah this past fall drew attention to those days and other things happened, but not our departure. In the end their alignment drew our attention to those very possible days. That has continued with each one and the math builds even with more incredible finds than the last. One key perspective I have walked away with is that these are like runway lights getting brighter and brighter. The ultimate time though is upon us as we will soon be at a time where 2,520 days will no longer fit into the Second Coming dates for 2027. We are at the precipice.


Each passing date has instead turned into a challenge to see what we could not see while not throwing away what has brought us to this point.  


It has now been just over 7 lunar years since the Lunar Tetrad began in 2014 and we are looking for the next seven to begin and end before Israel completes 80 years. The fall feasts of 2027 are the last ones that can do that. One thing the math has taught us is that everything is incredibly accurate and so should the 80 year limit be as well.


But we do not have the math alone driving this point. The world is closing in on a great restructuring of government and economies long foretold in the Bible. Israel’s enemies and alliances are all lined up and ready. The final straw will soon be pulled. That looks to be very soon...





























































































































2520 x 7.7777777 = 19,600

Look up!
































Here is a pi based from the first Earthquake of the Earthquake Tetrad that was in the Marianas. At 1655 days it is one short of 1656—which in years was the span from Creation to the Flood based off of Genesis 5.

If we use the span from 2006’s transit of Mercury on Heshvan 17 (one week earlier than the Russian earthquake) to Shevat 24, the pi is 1657—the span in years from Creation to get out of the Ark.
































One last minute diagram for the Temple Mount. ..
































The Great One....
































A double Phi to the day right before us.
































The Seven or Dalet in the Sun makes some more amazing math with key moments for Israel in 2020 to tomorrow.






























































Purim of 2019 has shown up many times before and here it works with this Sunday. The earthquake in 2014 was the largest in 2014 and has also surfaced many times. It was the Religious New Year that began the Lunar Tetrad. Note how close it is to 2520 days from that day. Will peace soon be taken from the Earth?































































Here is a look at the span from the Jerusalem announcement by President Trump to tomorrow. Jonathan Cahn has also shed light on the momentous announcement at 70 Hebrew years plus one day from 1947’s United Nations Partition Plan.

































Moshe Sharett, the second Prime Minister.

20,000 days after his death was Passover 2020–Passover in lockdown.