Signs of the End

A Discovery of Biblical Timelines

Signs of the End

A Discovery of Biblical Timelines

“But you, brethren, are not in darkness, that this day should overtake you like a thief.”       1 Thessalonians 5:4 









More Fish, 666, and the Great Pyramid


Signs of the End - Orders
Signs of the End - Orders
July 28 at 9:37 PM ·

The L’Esperance (Hope) earthquake occurred last June between Pentecost and the Summer Solstice. Phi diagrams were found at that time. The diagram is new after it was realized today that the Hope earthquake came 700 days after July 17, 2017. It’s a little come lately, but it shows an important pattern once again.

July 29 at 3:46 PM ·

Yesterday the above diagram was shared, but now has a phi count added. The next step was to go down the list of the next large earthquakes last summer. The next two worked to other large earthquakes this summer. This then led to see what might happen going to the next two large earthquakes and see if any supporting evidence could be found. There could be a day variance in the end, but that would be all, IF this proves to be some continuing trend. That remains to be seen...

However, it is indeed amazing that 3 large earthquakes these past few months do align. The only other large ones since Pentecost was the California earthquake on July 5 and the Indonesia earthquake on July 14. Those also had their part in other diagrams.

July 29 at 6:43 PM ·

Carrying the fish ratio further from July 17, 2017  to the day Noah was told to go into the Ark, will result in other days falling at pi or phi. Instead of an earthquake at the fish ratio we have the 9 UN Resolutions that were passed by resounding approval against Israel on November 16, 2018. Two of the resolutions passed by 153 votes and the fish number itself. The nay votes were slim and far between. Only four nations stood with Israel in disapproval.

The phi point comes between a large earthquake in Russia and the Winter Solstice. One year earlier the UN also came against the Jerusalem Proclamation made by President Donald Trump. This Winter Solstice, at the very moment it occurred, the star Sirius was directly over Jerusalem at meridian. Sirius is the star of the Prince and the brightest in the heavens. The next day the Tsunami hit Indonesia.

The next point is the pi point of February 14, 2019. Valentines Day also marked the 70th anniversary of the Israeli Government. On that day a peace and security conference was held in Warsaw. In Sochi the major nations of Ezekiel 38-39 met and in Israel the WAQF put “Palestinians” on its board for the first time in over 50 years.

Temple Mount and Jerusalem centered is all apparent in this diagram of the fish phi pi...

July 30 at 1:54 PM ·

With the new Solar Eclipse Fish Phi below, three fish phi’s now capture four blood moons, 7/17/17, the Great American Solar Eclipse, the Revelation 12 Sign, and the anniversary day that Noah was told to get into the Ark—among other things.  These three diagrams are the one above and the two below. The second below was shared earlier.

July 30 at 6:17 PM ·

Minutes in a Day—the Secret of 666?

Written December 23, 2008 with revisions February 22, 2011 and July 31, 2019

“Here is wisdom. Let him that hath understanding count the number of the beast: for it is the number of a man; and his number is Six hundred threescore and six.” --Revelation 13:8

“Now in the second year of Nebuchadnezzar’s reign, Nebuchadnezzar had dreams; and his spirit was so troubled that his sleep left him.”  —Daniel 2:1

When Israel went against the will of God and selected Saul as King in 1096 BC, it resulted that Israel did not observe the Sabbath year the next 490 years because of the high costs of maintaining a King. This had been forewarned. Therefore, in 606 BC King Nebuchadnezzar was allowed to take Israel captive for 70 years for each year they failed to observe the Sabbath year over the past 490 years (7 x 70). But Israel was also to submit to King Nebuchadnezzar and they failed to do this as well. Nineteen years later in 587 BC Jerusalem was destroyed along with its Temple on the 9th of Av. For 70 years it was to lie in ruin. Israel had lost its sovereignty, which it still has never regained in the time known as the Times of the Gentiles.

However, from each point of these 70 years (at 360 days per year it is 69 solar years), events have occurred in modern history that have shaped Israel and the world politic and they are the following:

· In the 2,520th year (at 360 days per year) from 606 BC, the first Jewish settlement in Israel (Petah Tikva) began in 1878.
· In the 2,520th year (at 360 days per year) from 587 BC, the first Zionist Congress met in Basle, Switzerland in 1897.
· In the 2,520th solar year from 606 BC, WW1 began on the 9th of Av in 1914.
· In the 2,520th solar year from 587 BC, Hitler arose and enacted Anti-Semitic laws on Passover 1933.
· In the 2,520th year (at 360 days per year) from 537 BC, Israel became a nation in 1948.
· In the 2,520th year (at 360 days per year) from 518 BC, Israel captured Jerusalem in 1967 during the Six-Day-War.

Some might believe this all to be a coincidence, but it seems clear that the countdown to the end of the age is now well underway. This would be the countdown to Daniel’s 70th Week that is to last approximately 2,520 days. Clearly these dates and their similar numbering should be a warning.

One parallel Jesus draws to the time of the end is the days of Noah. Noah was warned 120 years before the Flood—a Flood that when it began rained for 40 days and 40 nights. These clues are indispensable in bridging the time from these warnings to the most prophesied time mentioned in the Bible.

Forty years after the 2,520 year timeline to 1933, the Yom Kippur War of 1973 occurred. The next such scale war with Israel and her enemies came in 2006. This war came in the 40th 360-day year from the 2,520 year timeline to 1967. In fact the exact day count of 40 times 360 equals 14,400 days. Counting those days from June 7, 1967, the time ended on November 8, 2006. On the Hebrew Calendar it corresponded to Heshvan 17 and the anniversary day that began the 40 days and 40 nights of rain of the Flood. The Hezbollah War with Israel began 120 days before this date on July 12, 2006. The number 120 is the similar period of warning and 14,400 days can also be expressed as 120 times 120. But this is not the only time that 40 and 120 are seen associated with these days. They are repeated time and again.

What is interesting is that from the conclusion of the 14,400 days on a day of Noah in 2006, it was another 1,440 days to another day of Noah in 2010. At 12 times 120 days, the count reached October 18, 2010. On the Observed Hebrew Calendar it was Heshvan 10. This is none other than the anniversary day God sealed Noah and the rest in the Ark seven days before the Flood. Forty days before this day was the Feast of Trumpets and 400 days before Heshvan 17, 2006 it was also the Feast of Trumpets all in perfect ratio by the factor of ten.

But there was another aspect to the 1,440 days that had gone unnoticed. With the length of a day at 24 hours and at 60 minutes an hour that means one day equals 1,440 minutes. Therefore, the minutes of one day were equal to this same period of 1,440 days between two days of Noah. That was interesting.

So this begged the question. If 1,440 days were represented as minutes in a single "day", what may be found by counting these periods of "days"? The 14,400 days from June 7, 1967 to November 8, 2006 (Heshvan 17) would then amount to ten "days". Then the following segment of 1,440 days to October 18, 2010 (Heshvan 10) would be another "day" bringing the total to eleven "days". But if the full timeline in view that concerns 2,520 years is also counted as these “days”, what is further revealed, if anything?

Taking the time from the destruction of Jerusalem until the 1967 Six-Day-War, the total time for this would be 25,200 days (70 x 360) and 907,200 days (2,520 x 360) as detailed in Signs of the End. 907,200 days would convert to 630 "days" (907,200/1,440) and 25,200 days would convert to 17.5 "days". Added together it results in 647.5 "days". Add in the 11 "days" and the total comes to 658.5 "days". These 658.5 "days" would then run from the 9th of Av 587 BC to Heshvan 10, 2010.

This timeframe brings to mind the statue of Nebuchadnezzar’s dream that was to span from his rule until the final rule by Antichrist. It was one statue that represented the gentile kingdoms that would hold power over Israel until the coming Kingdom of the Messiah. The statue period ends with the "stone cut without human hands" that smashes the statue, which is the coming Messianic Kingdom. That statue consisted of the various beast empires also depicted later in Daniel. Those empires are the Babylonian, Medo-Persian, Greek, and Roman.

Nebuchadnezzar’s rule and dominance over Israel began with the first captivity of 606 BC. The time from 606 BC to the 9th of Av 587 BC would be 19.4 years or about 7,080 days. This divided by 1,440 would add 4.9 "days" to the 658.5 "days" to bring the running total to 663.4 "days". Adding in the balance of 666 “days” with 2.6 more “days” from Heshvan 10, 2010 would result in 666 days expiring at the end of AD 2020. Therefore, from the Babylonian Captivity of 606 BC to AD 2020, is this span of 666 “days” (of minutes representing days).

To simply calculate the total span of time of 666 "days" it would be 666 times 1,440 days (which equals 959,040 days) divided by 365.2422 days per year to equal 2,625.76 solar years. In 2008 it was thought that if December 2017 was the end point, then March of 609 BC would be the beginning point to cover this whole span of time concerning 666 "days". Was there any merit to this being a proper starting point?

In 609 BC King Josiah died in battle trying to stop Pharaoh at Megiddo, which is where the name of Armageddon is derived. Josiah was the last of Israel’s good kings and it is also said that none preceding him were as good in their heart toward the Lord (2 Kings 23:25). However, Josiah’s death and what followed was an indication of God’s judgment on Judah that had been developing (2 Kings 23:26-27). After Josiah’s death Jehoahaz was king for 3 short months when Pharaoh removed him and placed Jehoiakim in his place under heavy tribute. None of the kings after Josiah ever had a shred of sovereign control up until the destruction of Jerusalem 22 years later in 587 BC. It would appear that God’s protective hand was removed at the time of Josiah’s death. He was the last righteous and sovereign king.

The initial theory was that if we count the number of minutes in 666 days and if each minute were to represent one day, then that time span covered the demise of Israel until the ending of the Gentile Rulers. This was theorized to cover the period of King Josiah’s death in 609 BC until the end of 2017 AD.

However, placing this timeline to end in 2017 did result in somewhat of a “shoe horning” of the data into the time of King Josiah’s death in 609 BC. Preferably, the timeline was hoped to be placed by starting in 606 BC and timed with the Babylonian Captivity, but mathematically this did not work with the other dates pointing to 2017 as the completion. One other thought was that if the timeline did start in 606 BC, then 2017 would still fall within the period of the 666th day since each day of the 666 covers four 360-day years. This though was not accurate enough, so here in 2008, 609 BC was the determined “fit”.

There may be one more solution to this theory and that is the time of King Nebuchadnezzar’s dream of the Gentile Kingdoms itself. The timing of this dream may be significant, since it was this dream that laid out the time from Nebuchadnezzar until the coming Kingdom destroys the empires of beasts. It was the Lord’s first revelation of these Times of the Gentiles.

Historically, the Babylonian Captivity began in 606 BC with the capture of Daniel in the third year of Jehoiakim (Daniel 1:1). Daniel then spent three years in preparation to be presented before the king (Daniel 1:5). This would come to at least the spring/summer of 603 BC. According to Jeremiah 25:1, Nebuchadnezzar’s first year as king coincided with Jehoiakim’s fourth year, which would mean that he began his reign in 605 BC with his first year ending in 604 BC. This would place his second year from 604-603 BC. If we apply the 959,040 days (666 x 1440) from this time of his dream, then the time runs out in 2023. If we count back from the spring of 2023, it will come to the summer of 604 BC within Nebuchadnezzar’s second year.

The age-old riddle seems to be unlocked by the fact that 1,440 are the minutes of one day. That these numbers are repeated from the time of the Six-Day-War to days of Noah could not be coincidental. It is also fitting that the clock and the use of 360 degrees also have their roots in Babylon. It simply could not be coincidental that for each day that the earth turns, it has marked off one minute in a 666 day countdown to the time the Antichrist declares himself to be God and commence the remaining 42 months.

It then goes without saying that the year of 360 days was a factor in all of these timelines. Whether it was 2,520 times 360, 40 times 360, or 4 times 360. If the total time of 959,040 days (666 x 1,440) is divided by 360-day years it equals 2,664 360-day years. 2,664 could also be expressed as 4 times 666. The number four symbolizes the world and numerically meaning "the time of the world’s four beastly (gentile) empires”.

Therefore, even though this period was initially thought to cover the time from Josiah until 2017, in the end, the better fit would be to begin with the time of Nebuchadnezzar’s dream and Daniel’s interpretation that lays out this whole time period of four gentile kingdoms until its end. This would work with the 70th Week being from 2019-2026 with the Abomination beginning in the middle at the spring of 2023—666 “days” after Nebuchadnezzar’s dream.

July 31 at 8:35 PM ·

A comparison of the two North American Eclipses to see where some of the ratios might hit Jewish Calendar days of significance.

July 31 at 9:04 PM ·

This is the current hypothesis of the timings of the 70th Week of Daniel. One item of debate is whether Heshvan 10 or 17 could be the day. Heshvan 10 could be a warning much like the Flood that came 7 days afterwards. That will remain to be seen at this point.

April 11 is very provocative as an important day. April 11 is believed to be Nisan 15 at the time of Jesus’ being in the tomb. April 11 was also Nisan 15 in 1914 (WW1 year), 1933 (Hitler and Anti-Semitic Laws passed that day), 1998 (Israel 50), and 2017. No other years in this timeframe coincide like these. April 11, 1996 and 1997 had Comets Hyakutake and Hale-Bopp cross Al-Gol (the head of Satan) at right angles one year apart. April 11, 2012 had two 8+ earthquakes on the same day. These occurred 4x666 days from the Great Tsunami Earthquake of December 26, 2004. So April 11, 2023 coming 1260 days before the Day of Atonement 2026 is alarming.

Remember also that from Nebuchadnezzar’s dream in 604 BC it is also 2664 or 4x666 360-day years to the Spring of 2023.

August 1 at 10:52 AM ·

The Great Pyramid internal angles of 26.3 degrees have been shown to match that same angle north of east to Bethlehem and the alignment of Regulus-Venus in Diagram 3 back in 2017 just before the Feast of Trumpets and the Revelation 12 Sign.

Outside in the pyramid complex there are also causeways at 14 degrees north and south from the Great Pyramid and the middle one respectively. The smaller of the 3 pyramids has a causeway straight to the east. Here at latitude 30 degrees north, the sun rises on the eastern horizon at 28 degrees north at the Summer Solstice and 28 degrees south at the Winter Solstice. The causeways then hit the cross quarter points of the year at 14 degrees.

On August 21 the sun will hit the cross quarter point of the Great Pyramid and therefore also did so back in 2017 at the time of the Great American Solar Eclipse. Screenshot 1 marks that time. The solar eclipse had been noted that it entered the 33rd State of Oregon and left at the 33rd parallel at 33 days before the Revelation 12 Sign. The Great Pyramid is located at the 30th Parallel and its alignment on September 20, 2017 came 30 days after the Solar Eclipse that coincided with the sun at the Great Pyramid causeway angle.

Screenshot 2 is taken on Hanukkah Day 8 (December 12) of 2026. This shows the sun at 26.3 degrees south from the Great Pyramid. This is striking since the Christ Angle of the sun would be a match coinciding with the potential start of the new Millennium. Remember, Bethlehem is at the Christ Angle north. Hanukkah changes in relation to the solar year, so this match would not be very common.

Dates for the 14 degree causeway sun matches:

Great Pyramid-North: April 21, August 21
Middle-South: October 26, February 18
Lesser-East: Equinoxes

August 1 at 12:03 PM ·

Screenshot 1 (below left) is from the location of the Great Pyramid on the morning of October 26, 2015 at the causeway angle of the sun at 14 degrees. Jupiter-Venus Conjunction Number 3 in view. 700 days before the Revelation 12 Sign....

The plot thickens... October 26 last year was the anniversary day at of the Flood.

Screenshot 2 (below right) is from same location and angles on February 18, 2019. Saturn-Venus Conjunction in view...

August 1 at 1:59 PM ·

This is a screenshot of sunrise from the Great Pyramid on August 21, 2019 with the land horizon removed. The sun is at 14 degrees north. Venus is in conjunction with Regulus as it was also during the Great Pyramid alignment of September 20, 2017.


August 1 at 6:52 PM ·

Upgraded to a 6.8 seems pretty significant and there is a Phi for that.

August 2 at 11:30 AM ·

Phi proportions found to the last two earthquakes. The center earthquakes count on the right leg in the 565 day duration where they count on the left leg in the 566 day duration. The drawing tries to represent it... it seems convenient that the 6.8 and 6.9 match the 68 and 69 days duration.

This is a good example of how phi calculations usually show a possible range of a few days unless there are other calculations coming to the same point.

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