Signs of the End

A Discovery of Biblical Timelines

Signs of the End

A Discovery of Biblical Timelines

“But you, brethren, are not in darkness, that this day should overtake you like a thief.”       1 Thessalonians 5:4 









Summer 2019 - 9th of Av Week


Signs of the End - Orders
Signs of the End - Orders
August 4 at 3:40 AM ·

The Solar Flare diagram has been reanalyzed and found to take a different turn. It was first drawn in anticipation of July 31, 2019 as it came 100 days before Heshvan 10, 2019. However, by shifting the 693 days the other direction, it was found that it came to the day the “Conception Comet” arrived in Virgo 4 days before Jupiter entered the womb area of Virgo. It was then subsequently found that another 400 days after the first 400 landed at the completion of Heshvan 16 and therefore just before the anniversary of the day the Flood began.

August 5 at 11:47 AM ·


Today the Stock Market closed down 767 points at 25,717.

Remember on 2/2/2018 the Stock Market closed down 666 points at 25,520—2520 days from the Fukushima earthquake. 25,520 days prior to 2/2/2018 was found out to be the Vernal Equinox of 1948—the year Israel became a nation.

25,717 days back from today comes to March 9, 1949-–the day before Israel won her Independence on March 10, 1949. However, actually the Market closed after sunset in Jerusalem and opens tomorrow, thereby making the very day of March 10, 1949 at 25,717 days. Coincidence???

By the way, the 9th of Av this Saturday comes 153 days after Israel’s 70th year anniversary of winning her Independence.

August 5 at 12:58 PM ·

Three pairs of earthquakes phi proportion to today.

August 5 at 6:22 PM ·

Here is another interesting item concerning our current point in time. We are at the phi point of 153 days between Pentecost and the day Noah was told to enter the Ark to avoid the destruction that came 7 days later in the Flood.

August 6 at 6:26 AM ·

Diagram 1 is old and new. It’s a reversal of yesterday’s diagram (diagram 3) with the phi point also on the Stock Market fall that had been noted. They are phi mirror images of 153 with 62 weeks between them. Therefore, they could be inserted at the key points of the “Revelation 12 Sign - 2 Pentecost Phi” that is also shown.

August 6 at 10:59 AM ·

The Stock Market closed at 26029. May 14, 1948 was 26018 days ago. It was over by 11 points.

“As if to signal justification for such hope, a mere 11 minutes after the declaration, President Harry Truman wired recognition of Israel by the United States; the Soviet Union followed three days later. Though no doubt for differing reasons, the young nation’s presence on the world stage was assured by the emerging superpowers.”

August 6 at 7:16 PM ·

The latest update to “The Revelation 12 Sign Phi” diagram in light of the dual 153 days tied to “Get in the Ark day”. The 777 day span is 37 + 153 + 434 + 153. The 3 smaller parts total 343 and when added to 62 weeks or 434, we have some cool addition of 343 + 434 = 777.

August 7 at 1:16 PM ·

The Stock Market closed today at 26007 and yesterday it was 26029. The average of the two is 26018. 26018 is the days back from today to the beginning of Israel on May 14/15, 1948....

August 8 at 4:26 AM ·

Another mathematical link to the 9th of Av on August 10th. Diagram 1 is new. Sharing also the other diagrams pointing to the 9th of Av.

21 hrs ·

Six of the nine large earthquakes this year are represented in this diagram to the 9th of Av. Six of seven within the past 100 days. The one missing is the 7.3 earthquake at L’Esperance (hope) on June 15.

Update. Another further pi on top of the other highlights the 6.8 and 6.9 earthquakes last week...

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