Signs of the End

A Discovery of Biblical Timelines

Signs of the End

A Discovery of Biblical Timelines

“But you, brethren, are not in darkness, that this day should overtake you like a thief.”       1 Thessalonians 5:4 









Great Pyramid, Tabernacles, Earthquakes, Hurricanes 777, & Solar Flares


Signs of the End - Orders
Signs of the End - Orders
October 12 at 11:34 AM ·

After looking at the 3rd Blood moon diagram again and realizing 530 is 2x265 and the other fish number, a search showed it was another 265 days back to the Great American Solar Eclipse. All of these points then relate to the Giza Complex with a tie into the 70 years of Israel.

Another thing that may have been mentioned before is the significance of 30 as we can see in the diagram. The Great Pyramid sits at latitude 30. Who was the architect of all of this? Probably the one who had His Son born at the Christ Angle of the Great Pyramid that runs from the Great Pyramid to Bethlehem.

Remember, the Causeways are at the angle of 14 degrees and these diagrams end 14 days before Heshvan 10—Get in the Ark Day.

God is great and His ways are beyond our measure or capabilities..

October 13 at 8:06 AM ·

September 29, 2017 was the 120th anniversary of the First Zionist Congress. The below diagram was discovered on the Day of Atonement last week. One thing we have been following is the duration of 777 days. Well, the first day of Tabernacles comes 777 days from this anniversary. Last week President Donald Trump’s Syria announcement came 777 days after the Great American Solar Eclipse. The 7 on the sun also came 777 days after 7/17/17.

Finding an old diagram that fits like a glove...priceless.
Added the 111 on the left and the 333 on the right. These 777 days also phi... to be continued here...

And it’s quite fishy...

October 13 at 4:47 PM ·

On September 6, 2017 the sun erupted with its largest solar flare seen in 12 years. The last record solar flare was on September 7, 2005 (…/sola…/top-50-solar-flares). The intense activity on the sun in 2017 lasted through September 10th and the largest earthquake of the year was an 8.2 in Mexico on September 7th. It may be noteworthy that this period of activity on the sun is 777 days back from the upcoming period after Shemini Atzeret through the 25th of October. No solar flares since this period in 2017 have been larger.

October 13 at 9:17 PM ·

Hurricane Harvey and Typhoon Hagibis made landfall on August 26, 2017 and October 12, 2019, respectively.

Day separation is equal to 777 days...

October 15 at 10:28 AM ·

This diagram shows how earthquakes in the Summer of 2018 will make phi through May 14, 2019 to the days of October 2019. To do the same with the largest earthquake of 2019 on May 26, 2019 will yield endpoints in November. Not all phis point to earthquakes, but all earthquakes have shown phi or pi with each other. The difficulty is where to place the middle day of the equation as it might vary to which segment it is counted. This diagram tries to handle this correctly. At any rate, we are nearly at phi season based on the point of May 14, 2019, which was the 71st Anniversary of Israel and on which also a 7.5 earthquake struck in Indonesia.

Blue dates are Days of Noah.
Orange are the days of Tabernacles and Day 8.

There was a 6.7 on October 16.

October 15 at 4:09 PM ·

1440 ascended the Temple Mount on Av 10, 2018—July 22nd.

360 ascended on the Day of Atonement 444 days later.

1440 / 360 = 4

4 111 day segments drawn before... details added.

October 15 at 10:17 PM ·

Here is another potential 777 days. Please note how this fits the exact same template as the 777 days from 7/17/17, but with the sign in the sun at the beginning.

So we have...

777 days from the free worship on the Temple Mount on 7/17/17 to the 7 on the sun.

777 days from the Great American Solar Eclipse to President Trump’s Syria announcement.

777 days from Hurricane Harvey to Typhoon Hagibis—landfall to landfall.

777 days from Zionism’s 120th Anniversary to the start of the Feast of Tabernacles.

777 days potentially from the largest solar flare since 2005 and the largest since to October 22.

777 days from the Revelation 12 Sign to Get on the Ark Day—Heshvan 10.


October 19 at  9:00am ·

Here we see how Tabernacles Day 7 last year, when a mysterious mist formed on the Temple Mount, comes at a midpoint of a timespan from the Great American Solar Eclipse to Heshvan 10 on November 8, 2019—Get on the Ark Day. Are there any other exact day mirrors from this day?

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