Signs of the End

A Discovery of Biblical Timelines

Signs of the End

A Discovery of Biblical Timelines

“But you, brethren, are not in darkness, that this day should overtake you like a thief.”       1 Thessalonians 5:4 









The Return

Jonathan Cahn & Franklin Graham


Signs of the End - Orders
Signs of the End - Orders
The Return
Jonathan Cahn & Franklin Graham

Updates from Trumpets Week

Abraham Accord 2 and the rest to September 15, 2020

Shimon Peres, Ark Day, & Abraham Accord 1

Fukushima, Hyakutake, Zionism, Jupiter-Mars, Blood Moon 5

Abraham Accord and 123 years of Zionism...

Jupiter-Venus 5, Trump, Elul 1, Peace, Zionism,  Revelation 12 Sign

Kaduri, Sharon, Rabin, Peres, and Israeli campaigns and wars. Great Pyramid

Earthquakes, Revelation 12 Sign, Egyptian Eclipse, and Comet Neowise

Kislev 24 and Tevet 1
Comet Neowise

The Solar Eclipse and Earthquake Countdown with Tammuz 9 and following

Temple Mount Pentecost, Dividing Israel, Ariel Sharon, & Rabbi Kaduri...more...

Comet Atlas and the Pleiades
490 and the Fish

80 360-Day Years and Ravi Zacharias
American Eclipse and Kaduri 8000

Swearing in the Israeli Government
May 14 to May 17

Swearing in the Israeli Government
May 14 to May 17

Billy Graham, Comet Swan, Grand Spirals, 666, and June 1

Working towards 2027 Part 3

Working towards 2027 Part 2

Working towards 2027 Part 1

Updates from the 2020 Passover Season

Shoemaker-Levy 9, Passover, Hyakutake, The Pleiades, Supermoon 2016, Jupiter-Venus 2016

Earthquakes, Comets, Tsunamis, the Giza Complex, and the Pandemic

Kaduri, Solar Flare, Graham, Passover, the Seventh Church and the Equinox

Rabbi Kaduri
Coronavirus-Market Drops

Israel Elections, Market Drops, Morning Star and 1440 days

The Rocket Attacks, Coronavirus, 130 Years and Market Drops

999 Days and the Counts of 111 Day Increments and 1111 Days

The Flood Spirals, Purim, May 14-15, the Russian Earthquake, and Mark Twain

Tu B’Shevat, Valentine’s Day, Chile 8.8, & Nisan 10 with Venus and the Pleiades

Jewish Nation-State Law, Firstfruits, Av 10, the Trump Declaration, 969, & Daniel 9:27 LXX

Holocaust Remembrance Day, the Peace Plan, the 7.7 Earthquake, Zionism, & a Generation

The Tetrad, The Holocaust Forum, Shoemaker-Levy 9, Hale-Bopp, The Good Friday Earthquake...

The Morning Star, Signs in the Sun, Volcanoes, 2520, 40 weeks, Ink Flag & the Dragon

Ark Day 2020
The “Auxillary Conjunctions” of 2017 to 2020

Ark Day 2020
The Seven Jupiter-Venus Conjunctions of 2014 to 2019

Ark Day 2020
The Solar Eclipses from 2015 to 2020

Ark Day 2020
The Ark, The Temple Mount, and Blood Moons

2019 in review & Ark Day 2020–Revelation 12 & 2010-2011 Earthquakes

Winding up 2019...looking to 2020
January 11, Shevat 1, & Venus Travel Points

Towards Hanukkah Part 2 - Conjunctons and Eclpse
Towards Hanukkah Part 1 - Blood Moons
Solar Eclipse December 26, Kislev 17 and 24 - long range discoveries
Kislev 17 & 24 Part 1
Kislev 17 & 24 Part 2
Heshvan 27 Week part 1
Heshvan 27 Week part 2
Jupiter-Venus Conjunctions to the Seventh
Transit of Mercury, Heshvan 17 and 27
Elijah Coming and
the Pleiades at 77
Daniel’s 70 Weeks and the Gap
The Phi Spiral to Day 1290
The Nisan 10, 2020 – Venus & Pleiades Alignment  
The Phi Spiral continued...
J-V Conjunctions, Blood Moons, Solar Eclipses, & Hezekiah and Rachel
The Phi Spiral expanded
Great Pyramid, Tabernacles, Earthquakes, Hurricanes 777, & Solar Flares
Atonement, Tabernacles, & 2520
GASE 777, 153, & 120
7 Jupiter-Venus Conjunctions, 7 Blood Moons, the Feast of Trumpets, & the Dragon...
Summer’s End - Election, Persia, Borisov, & Pyramids
Seven on the Sun & Jordan
Summer 2019 - 25,777 & Super Pi
Summer 2019 - 9/11, Great Pyramid, & 2012
Summer 2019 - 15th of Av Week
Summer 2019 - 9th of Av Week
More Fish, 666, and the Great Pyramid
Summer 2019 Solar Flare
and 111
Summer 2019 17 Tammuz
Summer 2019 III Fish
Summer 2019 II
Summer 2019
Solstice 2019 II
Solstice 2019 and Exodus 19
Updates for week 7 of 7
Updates for week 5-6 of 7
Updates for week 4 of 7
Updates for week 3 of 7
Updates for week 2 of 7
The 62 and 7 Weeks to Pentecost 2019
The J-V Conjunctions to Ascension and Pentecost
The Blood Moons to Ascension and Pentecost
Notre Dame and Passion Week
21 Sidereal Months - 777
The Span of 666
Late March Updates
Solar Eclipse, Conjunctions, Passover...
Seventy, Adar 9, & Blood Moons
March Update - Ecuador and Peru Earthquakes
Bloodmoons, Conjunctions, & Earthquakes
The 70th Week Scenarios
Towards 70 years of Independence II
Towards 70 years of Independence
Revelation 12 Sign - 490, 7 x 70
120, Temple Mount, Great American Solar Eclipse, & Earthquakes
490 and the Great Pyramid
The Week in Fish Update
The Countdown to Tu B’Shevat 2019–The Blood Moon-Conjunction Convergence
Days to New Years 2019
Days to Christmas 2018
Days to Hanukkah 2018
The Anti-Israel UN Vote on Nov. 16, 2018
Days of November to Hanukkah
Heshvan 27 and the Rainbows End
Heshvan 17 Updates
October Updates II
Post Shemini Atzeret Updates
September Atonement Week Updates...
The Last Day, The Last Trump Reprise
The Four Seasons


This web site looks for the best scenario of the coming time in light of the Bible and history. It is not an absolute prediction.

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September 23 at 1:36 PM  ·


Two pi’s of 8 overlap these same days each at 33 days with a total period of 40. Eight was the number of those saved in the Flood and Heshvan 10 to Heshvan 17 covers a total of 8 days. Eight stands for resurrection.




September 23 3:30 PM ·


153 years ago tomorrow, Mark Twain, visited Jerusalem and described a deserted country. Today marks the 3rd anniversary of the Revelation 12 Sign.


This diagram was shared back in February when it was found. Instead of days, we have years that match the numbers of the fish ratio as seen in the legend on the diagram.



September 24 at 9:20 PM  ·


The Return begins tomorrow night and is mainly on Saturday. A search was conducted further finding connections with the major signs of 2017. Perhaps more could be found, but this is a good start.


The spacing of this event is also similar to Ark Day as was the Great American Solar Eclipse to the Revelation 12 Sign. Indeed look at the last diagram to see the pattern with the fourth diagram. The last diagram was found a few weeks ago.








September 25 at 8:30 AM  ·


Three years after the Revelation 12 Sign we are having a convergence of peace and lawlessness and a challenge to return to the Lord. Jonathan Cahn and Franklin Graham are having separate event tomorrow in Washington DC. and it is marked out in the link below.


Jonathan Cahn’s first work focussed on September 11th and the symbolism it had to the founding of the USA. It is amazing that what will occur tomorrow was put on his heart by the Lord considering all that has been found and has occurred.


In a search related to September 11, 2001, the following diagrams of note were found, especially the ones coming to charged dates involving the lawless protests and what is energizing them.


The Return being led by Cahn is also a global call. The question is, will we? God has always provided opportunity and clarity before the hammer falls, even though it will fall...


Let us still pray for revival and hope some see the light beforehand.





September 25 at 12:34 PM  ·


If the Feasts are for the Second Coming, then the carefully documented Days of Noah have one remaining place and pattern to fulfill—the Rapture.


September 26 at 8:30 AM ·


On the Day of The Return and during the message of Jonathan Cahn, this relationship was found.
































September 26 at 12:22 PM  ·


Here are some diagrams considering the number of 33 with today and the call to return to God. Last call seems to be where we are at this point in history.


Notice that Diagram 3 begins at the equinox and 2 years previous we had the Laodicean Sunset Equinox. I will add a previous diagram at the end relating the two...




























































































September 26 at 4:02 PM  ·


The Phi Spiral - Golden Rectangle


In 2002 when first finding a day of Noah in 2006 highlighted from 1967, it has led to finding more days of Noah right up to 2020. However, in working through Genesis in 2002 a discovery was made with no idea that it was the phi spiral ratio.


In the Flood narrative there are the 40 days and 40 nights of rain and the Flood anniversary date of Heshvan 17 in 2006 (November 8 ) was 40 360-day years exactly from June 7, 1967 when Israel won Jerusalem and the Temple Mount. Forty was big, so forty was scrutinized. On that day in 2006, Mercury transited the sun and has since done it only two more times. The last time it did on November 11, 2019 was at 73 360-day years since 1947’s UN Partition Plan for Israel.


Considering 40 days and 40 nights and the Flood, the entire Flood lasted 371 days and went 11 days over 360, as according to Genesis the months were 30 days and the year was 360 days long. The Flood began on Heshvan 17 and ended with the Noahic Covenant on Heshvan 27—in the next year. In 2002 it was noticed that a ratio of 11/40 positioned the Flood at about It’s proper place in over 6000 years of human history.


If we take the 1,656 years from Creation to the beginning of the Flood and use 11/40 to solve for x, it would be 1,656 x 40 / 11 to equal 6,022. If we used 1,657 years to the end of the Flood, we would get 6,025. If we use 4004 BC as the Creation year according to Ussher, that means 6,022 becomes AD 2019 and 6,025 becomes AD 2022. In other words from our point in history right now, the Flood covers the ratio of 11/40.


It was not known until 2019 that 11/40 is also the ratio of the phi spiral or golden rectangle now shown in the many diagrams with 11 and 40. It is remarkable that within the Flood story itself these numbers were found that have also been pivotal in these days as in the days of Noah...